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Let The Deep Dive Begin

Art is energy, enjoy it, embrace it!

We are keen art enthusiasts and believe that pure art has the ability to touch the soul at a deep level. Our ArtGallery initiative has been setup to support independent art, give unknown talent a place to display their work. Frames are crucial for complementing artwork, we restore old and design new frames to bring more life and depth to paintings.

"Art that submits to orthodoxy...but lacks imagination and deep self-expression is lost leaving only the craftsmanship."

Andre Gide

We are looking for independent artists, art distributors and art enthusiasts

We are looking for artists and art enthusiasts who understand the deeper meaning of art, and want to share it with a wider holistically aware audience.

If our values meet, we offer a free gallery on our site. We charge 5% on any sales as commission (excluding delivery costs). If you are looking to sell art through our webshop, we are open to discuss and find win-win terms.

We are also interested in finding an art enthusiast and entrepreneur who is looking to develop the MyLife ArtGallery concept with us.

Please get in touch if you are genuinely interested in working with us.

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