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High quality berries and fruit are both integral for a good stable diet, however what we often do not realise is that especially in terms of the berries the biggest benefits are found in the seeds. This is why naturally dried and ground berries with their seeds crushed are recommended to complement the whole berries in our diet. Also remember that when it comes to fruit in general the quality correlates with the purity of the microclimate and amount of natural sunlight on offer. Freshness is also crucial, as well as the method for naturally drying fruit if you look to make them last longer.

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Wild Berry Powder 60g

Tasty and all natural Royal-Blend Wild Berry Powder brings vitality and energy to body, mind and spirit. Contains plenty of well-absorbing natural vitamins and fatty acids. A pinch of mineral-rich sea salt in the berry powder mixture improves the absorption of vitamins and trace elements. Enjoy raw with yoghurt or use in tea, cooking and baking. Goes particularly well with tomato-based dishes.

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