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BeTheChange │ Have we upset the planet?

Author │ Niklas Christides

It is incredible that humans, through their own selfishness, have been able to cause so much destruction to take the earth away from its natural blue and green dynamic. Personally I think humans are like vermin who change and destroy almost anything in their own self-interest and we truly have learned next to nothing from our mistakes in the past thousands of years.

Strange thing is obviously why we choose this path, rather than a path of harmony and respect, where our attitude towards the earth would be win-win, but maybe this is the point, we are incredibly bad at creating authentic win-win scenarios in society as well. When someone has a mindset, conscious or unconscious (unconscious more common), that exploitation is fine and to set self-interest before everything else.

'Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.'

Gerard De Nerval

How concerned should we be?

I do not think that the planet has a major problem actually, the problem is the human mindset and uncontrolled level of ego, which has taken us into the lowest level of vibration we have been at, probably for thousands of years. The earth will sort itself out and it is not really worried about our stupidity, but I would say that it is not happy, and this is something we should all be mindful of. It is logical to think that if someone exploits you (in this case humans) then why would you be merciful to them. We are lucky that the universe has unconditional love at its heart, because otherwise we probably would not be here now.

I also find it amazing how difficult it is for people to grasp that the actions of each and everyone of us count, this raising of the vibration is the collective effort to save the earth, so that the earth does not need to take drastic action to save itself, because in time it will. It will not allow or want to endure and entertain the weakness of humankind. So helping the planet is not about helping the planet, it is about each and us changing, upgrading from vermin-like creatures to loving appreciative beings. We do have the potential, we do have the keys, but it takes effort and guts rather than the type of spinelessness and cowardness, which best represents humanity in present time 2020.

'Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are.'

Gretel Ehrlich

We do leave our sad mark

There are raging wildfires across the world, countless hurricanes, melting glaciers, destroyed and dying rainforests, rising average temperatures etc., all for the sake of money, greed and selfishness. It is truly disgusting to see that the state and government, who are supposed to care for people and create improved conditions for life, actually do very little, and always too late, to truly aid the real fight against climate change.

The political agenda and people who 'lead' (who do not actually have a clue about leadership) simply do not seem to rise to the challenge, which is another strong indicator that:

Majority of people are weak in their mind and especially heart, which is why they are grappling with stagnation, chaos and confusion.

Our governing models are totally outdated and obsolete, as they have failed to protect and nurture the organic evolution of both citizens and the world.

'The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.'

Albert Einstein

Everything, absolutely everything is connected

What people do not seem to realise and understand is that everything is connected to everything and even the smallest things can have a major impact on the world around us and climate, which can, and eventually will, trigger devastating high risk catastrophes across the globe. Yes, nature is capable of change, nature knows how to adapt, humans unfortunately are not as fortunate, humans lack the necessary resilience to withstand rapid climate and environmental change, which in turn dramatically impacts health and our Quality Of Life (QOL).

Every person has a role to play and responsibility in the climate question, because resolving it has long ago moved beyond government and business, they will make it worse until people start to get it. We need everyone, rich (actually maybe not the rich, as they are the minority and most lost, and thus have limited to no impact) and poor, to raise their game and focus on their internal change and awareness of how negatively they impact the world through their choices. Understanding that 'I am' the problem is healthy, we need to stop blaming the outside and our surroundings and instead focus our minds and hearts on setting a better example ourself every minute, every moment.

'Stepping up our game and starting to act responsibly and with respect towards nature is what we came onto this earth to do.'

Niklas Christides

No more mister nice guy

I see this as the only acceptable way forward, anyone who does not understand this should self-isolate and work on themselves until they wake up. Each and every person needs to contribute and also understand that this is not a question of free will or choice, because refusing to make a change puts us all and the earth in jeopardy and harm's way. Yes, changing is hard, believe me I know, but it is luckily not that hard. Some of the things we can do to get started are not that hard, for example eliminating all non-essential consumption, don't buy anything you don't really need. We can also recycle more and do more things ourselves, like food, which includes awareness to favour the use of ingredients that originate from small production and sustainable sources, rather than industrial corporate channels.

It is equally amazing to see and follow the absurd dependency people have, they are literally hooked on mass-produced industrial products and services, even the holistic guru stuff that is very low vibration. Worst thing is, people are not even upfront about these things, people 'yes I buy things from sustainable sources and support small business' and the next minute you will see them doing the exact opposite, words are therefore worthless in this world, action counts remember that.

So you see, dishonesty and lack of integrity when we are in the ego triggers the problem, we promote pollution, overproduction and increased waste levels, which put a huge burden on nature, the planet and its ecosystem, because we are weak minded and ignorant.

Avoiding travel whenever not a necessity is another good deed, and when on the move prioritising green means of transport like walking and cycling can significantly help the climate. Learning to grow some herbs, as well as growing your own flowers at home also reduces the burden.

'We can do and change a lot more than we think if we listen to our heart and then set our mind to it.'

Niklas Christides

Us saving nature is possible

Actions speak more than words, it is up to each and every one of us, and it is becoming very clear that governments will need to be forced by the population into choosing, which side they are going to be on if they want any chance of remaining as part of the 3D to 5D shift on earth, personally I do not see them having a place. Government and their actions are very predictable due to money and corruption, government therefore stick with big industry because they cannot see the bigger picture (the people in government that is) .

Government would equally have, and let me point out, have always had the opportunity to change direction, to start feeling and caring rather than wanting and exploiting. They should understand that the world will always be free regardless of their rules, ideas, manipulation, fear mongering or other ridiculous ego bound actions. If people do not stand up it is however likely we will encounter problems of the past which will result in more escalations, riots, famin, and demonstrations. The system will crumble and fall, it always does when it has come to its end, the only real question is how long do we need to endure this show.

'For most of history, man has had to fight nature to survive; in this century he is beginning to realize that, in order to survive, he must protect it.'

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Action, action, action, realisation and traction!

Buying and consuming less, is the one major thing we all can do, which will force factories to close, and now that most of the jobs are going to be gone, and work in itself will become something of a novelty, why would anyone side with the corporate world knowing that the price we are paying is the future of the planet we live on. And to calm your anxiety about 'being out of work', well I can tell you that you did not come here to serve anyone or own anything, that is all your ego talking, so when you detach you will also experience the world in a different more positive way.

The economy is broken, it has been broken for a long time and certainly cannot keep itself going with stimulus packages (in essence the air in the money), which by the way is just like a bursting balloon anyway. Therefore, any propaganda messages from government or business emphasising the importance of consumption to keep the economy going should be totally ignored, because the economic model has already failed us and let the world down.

Smart people understand that relying on mass-production to reinvigorate the economy is a dead end cause. Sometimes change comes the hard way, which can even mean that things need to get ugly before they change direction and regain momentum. Unfortunately now in 2020 it seems like this an inevitable outcome for modern society, no smooth sailing ahead for a while.

'If we surrendered to earth's intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.'

Rainer Maria Rilke