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The art of being open

Author & Release │ Niklas Christides │ 07-08-2021

Although I have mostly felt disappointment towards the human endeavour, a feeling that has persisted in me since my youth, where I have been seeing and sensing a genuine lack of awareness and disrespect, even misjudgement towards the planet, nature and creation in general. The one thing however that I have always seen as a human asset and something that I really find curious is curiosity.

I would define curiosity as the ability to stay open minded in feeling and thought towards things, people, culture, science, spirituality, anything really, you name it. This innate ability to see the world as something curious is absolutely crucial for our growth and awareness, especially when we actually realise how to make the most of this amazing ability.

"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious."

Albert Einstein

How does curiosity work?

I like to describe curiosity as a two step process interacting with the physical experience to establish understanding. Curiosity works with both our vibration and level of awareness, which also determines how much we are able to face up to, in other words what we are able to find curious.


Vibration is important because essentially it allows us to sense, connect and understand our interactions. The more we sense or are open and fearless towards feelings the more we vibrate and this vibration is us expanding our horizon or playing field. This is the very reason our level of vibration determines how curious we may actually be, can we see or are we blinded.


Awareness is our ability to face any situation enabled by curiosity. If we have a low level of awareness we might find it hard or scary to face whatever is curious, which is why courage and courageousness plays a big role in our personal growth. If we turn a blind eye to opportunities that curiosity offers us we stagnate or slow down our own evolution and holistic growth.

I firmly believe that on top of these two crucial elements, vibration and awareness, it is important to contemplate the deeper link to our spirit and 'the source'. Our spirit is sort of our guiding light that makes us see in the dark, if this light is dim or turned off it is much harder to face up to things and ultimately see in the dark, or in this context be open and curious towards everything around us.

"I don't know anything, but I do know that everything is interesting if you go into it deeply enough."

Richard Feynman

Intuition vs fear

Intuition is the best and most honest approach or lens through which we can face opportunities offered by curiosity. When we remain intuitive we remain open, we do not fear what lies ahead or if we fear the unknown we can conquer that fear through courage. Key thing with intuition is not to freeze, we need to take action even if it is the wrong action to avoid negative karma, which is generated through passiveness and self-doubt .

Nothing can truly grow in a passive state, it is like a trap or room without doors to exit through. Openness and following our intuition allows us to move from one room to the next without becoming trapped. This is exactly why fear is such a toxic mindset, it traps us and takes us away from our path, fear creates and fuels the darkness in and around us.

"Fear makes us passive, and passiveness results in stagnation or stalemate."

Niklas Christides

Why are we curious beings?

In my opinion it is a question of contribution, we all contribute towards expanding a wider collective consciousness. Life in this form could be seen and explained as a simulator that looks at understanding cause and effect, which in turn is useful if one was determined to maintain a functioning collective consciousness, which is capable of avoiding it corrupting itself.

Because corruption and dishonesty is an essential part of the human experience it would make sense to link it with our very being and the source. We can understand this corruption better with the help of and through curiosity and exploration, which in turn can strengthen the collective consciousness and potentially maintain harmony.

There are obviously plenty of other options to consider, but rather than deep diving into speculation, it would also be wise to consider if this is a level of understanding we even need to contemplate. Sometimes our curiosity can also become a trap and get the better of us through being overly ambitious and dwelling on things that are beyond us.

"Awareness is a step by step process, pushing and rushing ahead blindly without understanding and deciphering the open questions, without respecting the fact that growth has progress gates, will generally lead to more confusion and stress than harmony."

Niklas Christides

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