Change is the only real constant in life

We strongly believe that our duty is to develop and support society, people and businesses to change and evolve, to create a framework for continuous improvement and development, as well as sustainability. All influencers and experts have been carefully selected on the basis of life experience, sustainable lifestyle, awareness, values and ethical standpoint. This does ensure that we can share information that is constructive, critical and progressive.

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Nutrition │ Balanced nutrition, the backbone to good health

Food and drink are real cornerstone of our wellbeing and health. They are also the foundation for a good and balanced life. The origin, quality and processing of food or any edible ingredients is of immense importance, which is why should be mindful of our eating and drinking choices, as well as habits. Unfortunately, the industrialization of society, and mass production in particular, has generally led to a deterioration in food and drink quality, supported by miss information and lack of transparency to boost sales and increase demand.

We feel it is really important, even critical, that people realize and face up to the challenges associated with poor diet, eating habits and health in general. The ever increasing use of additives in our food and drink products is beyond reckless and this senseless behaviour is one of the primary reasons for the countless healthy issues society has to struggle with.

In this section, we discuss the role of nutrition and how it can act as the building block for good health and wellbeing, as well as inspire a more sustainable lifestyle. We all can do more and take concrete steps towards a better tomorrow for ourselves and especially for our children by being more aware of what we eat and how we eat. In this sense, we would like to emphasise the importance of reducing our dependency on mass production, as well as pills and medicine where possible.

Why is it important to maintain our immunity? What is the meaning and role of a balanced life and organic food? Concrete actions make a positive difference in life.

The shift toward a healthier diet does not have to be particularly difficult. Explore our 8 core steps that will help you turn around and maintain a healthy diet.

Learn about the history of, as well as vast range of health benefits, associated with spices. Why not boost your cooking efforts today with some of our creative ideas.

If we had to choose one thing that is particularly questionable in modern society, it would no doubt be the benefit and need for pills. We should choose a wiser path.

Body & Mind │ Enablers of a balanced life

The body and mind connection is important because it helps us find balance in life, but it has another dimension, as it also assists us in battling earthly challenges like stress and wellbeing. There are many different focal points associated with the body and mind spectrum, which to some may seem overwhelming. The most important thing observation to make, is that the body and mind connection should be approached holistically without making it too difficult to understand or process. Even the most mundane things like nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, work, mind exercises, brain stimulation or social interaction widely influence the body-mind balance. The real question and challenge is, how to actually bring balance to everyday life in a positive and progressive way.

People are different which is why the body-mind connection is linked to our identity. It is precisely for this reason that we should strive to find a suitable flow and balance in our everyday life, because this will strengthen our connection with our deeper self and our identity, as well as bring forward hidden dimensions in ourselves. We call this the 'purpose of life', because the more open we are to change and introspection, the more purpose we can find in ourselves and our own lives.

This section discusses issues related to body and mind balance, it brings forward concrete ideas, as well as different assumptions in areas that go beyond the human experience. We aim to share tips and exercises, and discusses various challenging topics related to the body-mind connection.

What is health, what are the basic pillars of a healthy life, and what changes should we pursue to improve ourselves, to make us the best versions of ourselves?

Movement and exercise is the real body therapy. It opens up the joints and helps our cells and body breathe. Exercise is a part of everyday life, without it we end up stuck.

Most of us are slaves to stress, but not through choice. Through mindful lifestyle changes, we may unlock door to a stress-free balanced life. 

Awareness │ Our journey towards depth and balance in life

Consciousness is strongly linked with the bigger picture and to some extend clairvoyance. Consciousness is linked with the ability to imagine and see the world and universe with a different pair of binoculars, as well as respect the fact that people and nature go about their life on many very different wavelengths. Good news is that everyone can influence and enhance their own own level of awareness. Furthermore, one of the best things is, when we learn to appreciate it, that no one person could ever reach such a conscious space that they no longer need to learn anything, as well as adapt to our changing world.

Consciousness has also become a trend of sorts, which is a good thing in terms of talking more about the subject, but on the other hand it is unfortunate because the theme and its messages tend to be distorted. Our aim is to help people approach consciousness constructively in a way that they feel valued in themselves rather than confused and scared.

However, it is good to remember that the world is full of people who have elevated themselves to the position of guru or seer, which often represents the opposite of consciousness, because these types of people usually channel their energy to pursues their own interests and agenda rather than the greater good, evolving both community and society or progressively working on wider universal questions. People should be mindful of this and careful not to be too blue-eyed when it comes to consciousness, because even this subject entertains a positive and negative dimension, out of which the negative dimension is largely a byproduct of human selfishness, greed and negligence.

This section discusses awareness and its implications for humanity and quality of life (QOL). We believe that the path to consciousness is also the only path to true happiness and a balanced and meaningful life. Deeper consciousness is best explained as heart, mind and soul over matter, which is why it protected from influence of things like money or power.

Is our life path really our own? What about our destiny? Awareness is key if we want answers to these questions.

It often feels like we are living in an era of illusion as we seek to add depth and value to our existence through facts, but why?

One of the essential enablers of consciousness is the flow and balance of our mind, thoughts, body, and emotions.

Believing in yourself and your actions is very important in the present moment and future. Without belief and persistence, we will never reach our true potential.

Skills │ Practical skill, theory, philosophy and our level of awareness

Skills and competency are critical building blocks in the game of life because competency is a core enabler of progress, growth, evolution and development. In our view the biggest drawback associated with competency is that it has been made into a product. Whilst collective teaching is a good idea on paper and works in highly technical areas and industries, the corrupt and power-seeking nature of humanity has in fact hindered the organic development of our skills and competence in exchange for control.

The best people are not in the roles and jobs they should be in. Why? Because institutions and their power-control agenda prevents people from partially or completely getting into positions where they could make a positive impact on the world and evolution at large. Self-taught is therefore often a much more effective, adaptable, open, and in all respects a better option for learning than a person trained through our institutionalised outdated system.

In this section, we talk about the gaps and needs for change and continuous development to safeguard and enable continuity for progressive no bias knowledge, education and skills transfer to take place. People and the world have the right to develop and evolve organically, where each persons is given the opportunity to put their skills to optimal use.

The importance and impact of competency on society is paramount for the development of society, justice, equality and growth.

The most important aspect of work is practice. Theory is of no value without practice and that is why it is important that we learn to full value it.

There are countless dimensions to learning and practice, which is why it is integral to understand and realize our own internal dynamics.

Nature │ Respect and rational use of natural resources

Respecting nature and its awesome power, why is it so difficult for people? Respect for nature is the single most important integral value, because we owe it our lives. Nature provided us the framework of existence and life, which seems many modern age humans especially seem to have completely forgotten. Man is not a god and man will never be greater than nature, no matter how much wish it was not so. The logical thing, therefore, would be to act in a way that does not abuse or burden nature unnecessarily, all other approaches to life and living lack respect and grace, hence they stem from negligence and selfishness. Sustainable life can only be achieved through sustainable thinking and action, one could argue that we owe it to the planet.

It is obvious to anyone studying or understanding anything of social and socioeconomic development that well over half of everything we produce, supply, engage in or develop is unnecessary. This applies to food, housing, mobility, work, entrepreneurship and very many other aspects of life. This is precisely the reason why the world we humans have created is facing enormous challenges in the year twenty-twenty and beyond, we are all to blame for not having the vision to see what evil forces we have unleashed through governments, industry and generally our obsession for power.

In this section, we talk about nature and the various things and actions that could and would positively influence and provide both short- and long-term improvements to the wellbeing of nature and life, as well as safeguard the preservation of its diversity. We must do more to repair and move the relationship between man and nature towards something progressive and sustainable.

We should always remain mindful of the state nature and act in the name of sustainable development, also for the sake of progressing our own quality of life.

A responsible, nature-friendly lifestyle should be the only acceptable way forward. Earth and life can recover and improve if we change our consumption habits.

What is sustainable development, why have we not achieved it, and what efforts does changing it around demand from individuals and society?

Society │ Functionality, community and sustainable continuous development

Community and unity is the glue of a functioning society, but over time it has been largely weeded out of the present preferred democratic model of both culture and society. The notion of community has been replaced and destroyed by power, money, selfishness, greed, self-centeredness, bureaucracy, corruption, government, states, companies, and of course people themselves. Right now, it is important to realize that without community, culture, values, care and love, the earth and with it life will find a way to destroy itself.

The natural world is good at adapting and humans are nothing but a speck of dust in the universe, which also makes it safe to assume that nature is not particularly dependent on our presence and efforts. To survive we must smarten up and understand the rules of the universe and nature better, this is why society and human attitudes require great structural change. Without community and unity our future prospects truly seem bleak, nature will do its job when it sees fit and punish humanity for its ignorance and negligence if we do not change our ways.

This section focuses on how to make the world more functional at the level of society, government, entrepreneurship, as well as the individual. Nothing will change unless we dare to face up to task, all the countless cowards from kings and queens to heads of state and CEOs should never have been given the power to govern or control any aspect of humanity endeavour, because it has pawed the way for all the unnecessary hardship the world has to battle as long as we can remember.

Urgency, is it really worth it? Why are we in such a hurry? Why do we adore the notion of speed and urgency?

Fear, that monster rooted into society, where does it come from and why does it have such a grip over us?

Uncertainty and the bubbles that surround us, is it healthy that the economy is in charge of society and life?

No one is perfect and without mercy and forgiveness we will reach a point where we are unable to cooperate and coexist.

Are we truly free or do we just entertain the illusion of freedom? Freedom is a much broader concept than we know.

Shame and its negative stigma, as well as impact on society and people are a major strain and restriction on life itself.