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Nature takes care of us, so we have to take care of nature too

Respect nature and its power, it is the smartest basic thing that most people in modern society are totally ignorant off. Man is not God, and will never be bigger or greater than nature itself, how ever much we would like it. The only logical and aware thing to do is to act and behave in a way that does not abuse, consume and burden nature more than necessary, something we humans are incredibly talented at. It also goes without saying, and does not take a genius to realise, that far more than half of everything we produce globally is unnecessary and burdens the planet. This applies to food, housing, transport, work, business etc., and herein lies the problem why this man-made world is now finally on its knees in 2020, because it is unsustainable, greedy, selfish and ignorant. In this section, we talk about nature and the various things that could have an impact on the biodiversity and wellbeing of nature in both the short and long run.