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BeTheChange By Niklas Christides

Fear, the demon that walks amongst us in plain sight

Author & Release │ Niklas Christides │ 08-08-2018

Why does fear have such a strong grip over our lives, and why are we actually afraid of the world and ourselves?

Fear is inherent in people because of our ego, it is a part of life, although many people, in this self-centred world, seem to create an illusion or misconceptions that there is nothing to fear. Fear should never be suppressed, because doing so increases the risk of man seeing him- or herself as god, in the sense that fear is something that is beyond us.

The thing with fear is, it demands respect and therefore one should learn to live side by side with fear, doing so also respects the wonderful fragile and loving dimension of humanity, from which love also stems. Digging deep helps us deal with fear, because all things have a deeper dimension and many, even hidden, fears may surface and disappear when confronted through constructive dialogue with our inner self, heart and soul, not mind.

"Ignorance is the parent of fear."

Herman Melville

Identifying the root cause for our fears

When we look to face our fears, it would be good idea to start by exploring our own background, history, lifestyle, values, and submissive nature to follow rather than lead. Our immediate environment shapes and guides our lives, much more than we think, which no doubt is a good thing since anything in life can actually change. The problem is that there are no shortcuts for achieving real change, because it requires time, awareness, commitment and personal growth.

Conscious change, the only one that has any real impact in life, requires us to experiences 'aha' moments. Sometimes we can be helped on our way by other people to better understand ourselves, however it is important to understand that the answers we seek need to come from ourselves, from our core. One must also dare to open their heart and listen to the senses, as well as everything that surrounds and impacts us, which in turn will bring us closer to understanding how different things in life are connected with our existence, life experience and wellbeing.

"When you experience one 'aha' moment, start looking for the next, as this latest realisation made you expand your reality and awareness."

Niklas Christides

Conquering our fears, anxiety, suffering and pains

It is of profound importance to understand that fear, anxiety, suffering and pain are violation of the natural law of attraction, distractions to the organic free flow and flux of life. On an individual level it is a message sent by the universe, which is trying to point out that he or she who suffers is out of alignment with self and the universe. For one to let go of fear, it is important to understand, as well as be brave enough to entertain the idea, that nothing in existence happens by chance, and that absolutely everything has a purpose. Every decision, action and thought that has ever surfaced, that is out of alignment with the natural law of attraction will remain stuck and repeat generating negative karma, until one takes the necessary action to reverse this karma back to Source.

How does one deal with negative karma then? Well, it is simple really, it is neutralised through entering into and maintaining flow state, which means respect and alignment with the law of attraction, not forcing or pushing anything, but rather allowing things to play out without ego and superego intervention. As one becomes more positively geared, does good without thinking about, has the courage to look deep into the mirror and self reflect, is of service to community without expecting anything in return, these are moment and actions that help us free up negative karma that is stuck. So you see, our own actions determine therefore our level of vibration, awareness and consciousness, neutralising karma is the enabler for our personal growth and what stands between us and our freedom. The good news is, that when one turns the tide from being negatively geared to positively geared, the rewards for doing so will be much greater than we can imagine.

These are some of the biggest fear topics I have identified and that tend to burden people:

1) Death and accepting that life will come to an end one day (purpose of life and existence)

2) Economic situation and outlook, ownership and personal property (selfishness and self-centred thinking)

3) Social environment, family and work dynamic (adaptability, subservience, place and fitting into society)

4) Closure, self-esteem and loneliness (do I dare to be, and believe, in myself)

5) Love and intimacy (the challenge is lack, do I love enough and am I loved)

6) Spiritual growth, narrow mindedness (letting go of the past, the now, the future to discover oneself)

These and other topics are worth exploring, as all people do have some internal, conscious or unconscious, blocks. Exploring and facing up to our fears early significantly enhances our Quality Of Life (QOL), which is why it is always a worthwhile activity. There is no immediate hurry however, make sure you identify a genuine and reliable friend or even soul companion who has the ability to listen. Explore things with them through constructive conversation and dialogue, and repeat the same exercise with another person you trust to gain a broad perspective on the matter at hand.

"The secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage."

Carrie Jones

Opening up difficult subjects helps one better understand the challenge, and what kind of changes might be needed in terms of lifestyle and mind-set, to conquer our fears, especially the deep rooted ones. Reaching inside might in turn justify the use of, and appointment of, professional assistance, if some subjects are too difficult or painful to deal with on a personal level. The key question is, who can we trust to assist us, and only your intuition can tell you this.

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage."

Anais Nin

Self-care, internal dialogue and awareness is crucial

Unfortunately, far too many people are receiving, or investing in, the wrong type of support, coaching, treatment, medicine, psychotherapy, advice etc., especially when it comes to mental health and trauma treatment. There are some major risks associated with treating our mental side and fears, and the often 'quick' commercial solutions on offer may actually not resolve, but rather worsen things, not only in the short, but especially, in the long run.

For this reason self-care and awareness is very important and can go a long way, one however has to want to care for oneself first and be open to change, rather than immediately running into the nearest pair of arms offering a quick fix. The real true currency in mental treatment is lifestyle, time, resilience, and spiritual growth rather than treatment, pills and medicine, which should be seen as secondary or at best (when spiritually enlightened) a non-existing option, because in many cases they can have a very negative effect on our quality of life.

I have personally gone through many difficult and challenging spells and situations in my life, but I have always worked on my own demons and understanding of my fears. Internal dialogue is necessary, however finding a deeper understanding and balance in life is even more crucial, I cannot stress enough the role balance and healthy lifestyle plays in keeping our mind away from destructive and negative thoughts and behavioural patterns especially under pressure and stress.

Negativity has the ability to take over our mind and turn us into self-centered and somewhat self-destructive beings. Positive and sustainable lifestyle choices, especially when it comes to food, drink, love, friends and work, are the best way to strengthen our own body, mind and spirit. Removing negative things and people influencing our lives helps us stay in the light and deal with our fears much more effectively.

"Our mindset is the key for welcoming higher vibration into our lives."

Niklas Christides

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