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BeTheChange By Niklas Christides

Karma is the gatekeeper for ascension

Author & Release │ Niklas Christides │ 20-12-2022

Karma, is all about mastering the art of life in 3D, the dimension of self-reflection and ignorance, the trust and freedom school. Karma is the process of mirroring ones own feelings and actions versus higher self (the soul). Karma is a show of discovery, and it is through Karma we learn to shift the power from ego programming and illusion to reigniting our crystalline flame and link us once again to soul, source and our being.

Karma is the conditioning and divisive reactivity, it is the art of setting oneself free, not through others and the outside but through self, self-actualization. Which is the art of understanding what is worthy, what it is to detach, what is true and what is false, all from perspective of self. It is only when we respond to, and interact with, life from a place of authenticity, love, compassion, courage and unity that we release ourselves from the chains of karma.

"When you truly understand karma, then you realize you are responsible for everything in your life."

Keanu Reeves

How does the world approach Karma?

Karma, or specifically the process and principle of Karma is a fairly central and driving aspect of life. In some Eastern religions karma is even linked with afterlife (Buddhism, Hinduism etc.), which connects our choices in life with rebirth and reincarnation. In some places on earth however, Karma is is more about walking the path of righteousness, kindness and compassion, forgiving and being forgiven.

Karma has also become a means of control and big money spinner over time, as it is heavily associated with negativity and darkness in many parts of the world. This in turn has allowed for the rise of both individual and collective healing, meditation, yoga etc. practices, as means of coping with life. These are, in most cases, part of and a direct results of our programming rather than actual solutions to the unlocking of karmic patterns (cycles). Because even the art of meditation is associated with patterns, routines, manifestation and wanting something, to silence the mind for instance is a want. Karma is present always when engaging in an activity that is counterintuitive to freedom and unconditional love. Seems we have collectively forgotten that wanting or seeking outcomes is not freedom, praying is not freedom, pursuing fame and fortune is not freedom, and that struggling to survive is not freedom.

Because there is a lot of fear associated with Karma it has become a vicious cycle that keeps the planet in low vibration, and it most certainly does not help that Karma is used as commercialised control mechanism by religions, businesses, governments etc. Negative Karma has the capability of creating more negative Karma, and it is a rocky road as we now can witness in modern day and age in the year 2022. The deeper down the rabbit hole we go, the harder it will be to release negative Karma, as the darkness it unleashes creates deep rooted fear through trauma and other means of programming and conditioning.

"Live a good and honourable life. Then, when you are older, you can look back and enjoy it a second time."

Dalai Lama

Acknowledging that society is a failure is the first step

Possibly the biggest reason why Gaia (Earth) is in low vibration, driven by fear, hate, greed, selfishness etc. is that majority of humans, on individual level, and collectively believe that society is functioning and in the interest of people, and that it is of service and looking after them.

This awareness gap has led to servitude mentality, and it has started many, many thousands, even tens of thousands of years ago with more ancient civilisations. People talk about what 'serves the people' when in reality it is the programmed people who are voluntarily serving and entertaining their puppet masters (politicians, leaders, gurus, influencers, celebrities, professors, teachers, kings, queens, warlords...), who funnily enough are also blind to conditioning. We have quite a mess on our hands I must say, but luckily every mess also presents opportunity for growth and change. 

"We have quite a mess on our hands I must say, but luckily every mess also presents opportunity for growth and change."

Niklas Christides

External factors in society beyond repair and in need of complete overhaul

(P=Problem and S=Solution)

Labour & Money (P)

People work to earn money, so they can spend it on things to attach to. This is the most toxic aspect of the world, that creates obsessiveness and promotes ownership of external things. Work keeps us in survival mode, making us believe that one must work to survive and fit in.

Labour & Money (S)

Stop participating, step by step, keep networking, build small communities with people on similar vibration and who share similar values. Collectively aim to detach from all restrictive aspects of society and together create what is needed for a good life (food, housing, electricity, means of travel...)

Governance & Law (P)

Ruling through governance and law blinds us and makes us believe that we cannot care for ourselves and manage in life collectively. This is all based on our Ludacris fear of aspects of life like death and that someone will harm us if we do not have the police and government to protect us.

Governance & Law (S)

You are a supreme and sovereign being, that cannot be governed, nor willing to follow laws made outside of you. Conquer your fears and trauma, and especially when you heal your relationship to death and remove toxic relations out of your life, you realise that no law applies to you.

Politics & Religion (P)

This is the biggest corrupt and rotten puppet shows on earth, a factory of illusions, all designed to keep people asleep and chained up in low vibration, to give away their own power to weak, greedy, blind individuals. Not one politician is on your side, no religion is capable of freeing your soul, none of it serves you or the collective.

Politics & Religion (S)

Stop participating fully, it is actually the easiest step to take in life, do not vote, do not go to church, do not give any money to anything called charity, remove yourself out of it. As a result you will start to see that it has no power and it does not have any place in this word. Be mindful that media is their big playground, change or fully remove media out of your life.

Education & Institutionalism (P)

Learning has a big part to play in enlightenment, but never solely through following ideas that reside outside of you. Institutions are rotten as they are governed and influenced by government, politics, business, royalty etc. They promote the importance of status and ambition, hierarchy and competition, which make us greedy and self-centred.

Education & Institutionalism (S)

Understand that you are the magic and that all knowledge (the correct knowledge) you can trust comes from inside you. Use the outside only for observation, not for establishing fact. Your outside impulses and life experiences is what awakens and draws out the knowledge you hold inside, the magic, the skill, when it is time and when you are ready, trust it.

War & Conflict (P)

This is the lowest collective form of vibration, the most primitive state of being, and the most manipulative and destructive. War and creating conflict are associated with deep rooted fear, greed, power hunger, obsession to control, narcissism, anger, haltered. It is also so powerful because it feeds on weakness and gains more ground. This lowest vibration can attract more destruction and darkness if it is given space to go about its business freely.

War & Conflict (S)

Stay strong and courageous, be ready to go to extreme measures to detach from war and conflict. If you fear it, it will drag your vibration down with it. This is one of the most important reasons to work on oneself, to face all the trauma and self-actualize, to raise the vibration to a point where even the relationship to death has been healed. Only when own conditioning has been healed will we have the power to be unfaced by conflict.

Media & News (P)

The mastery of propaganda, illusion, lies and deceit. By far the most effective means of influencing, programming and feeding the ego. Media and the ridiculous idea called news is the ultimate brain wash and karma factory if you like, it is an extension or type of war and conflict working on keeping us in low spirits, constantly sharing mixed and confusing messages that distract us from focusing on us and our path.

Media & News (S)

Healing our addiction and reliance on media is crucial for ascension, all this rubbish distraction must go, it has absolutely nothing to offer us. The worst thing with media is its corrupt and unethical nature, it is a feeding ground for greed and power, if one does not see this, take it as a sign of very low vibration and major concern. Shutting media out of your life, although difficult at first will, in the long run, feel like a fresh breath of air.

Healthcare & Wellness (P)

Oh this one is so tragic, it is the most intimate area of life which we allow the outside world to come into contact and tamper with. Accessing our most sacred physical aspects, body, mind, heart, and spirit. Amazingly part of this we even do to ourselves through lifestyle choice and eating habits. We allow doctors, professors and companies with their restrictive and broken view of the world and universe to convince us of their ability to heal and help us, without even questioning them.

Healthcare & Wellness (S)

We should gradually change our relationship to healthcare, as we raise our vibration we come to understand that we are our own healers, not the outside world. Our choices, ego, programming and low vibration have led us to become ever more reliant on outside influences to help us. Awareness is key for change, keep questioning if the outside world is needed to assist you. We must awaken an holistic interest towards wellness and understand that we are not just some experiment for others.

Technology & Industry (P)

This is one very interesting aspect of the world, how we love to admire our technological and industrial advances and achievements. As we have been channelling our energy towards the wonders of man made creation, we have consequently lost our critical eye, the ability to question what it is for, and what do these advanced lead to. Technology and industry is destructive when it exists for the wrong reasons, and as we can see most of it is proving to feed conflict, segregation and power hunger.

Technology & Industry (S)

Learn to look at technology and industry more critically, ask yourself if what it offers actually makes your life richer in terms of holistic growth or is it something that distracts you, and makes you lazier than before. Are technological and industrial solutions making you avoid things you could, and possibly should, carry out yourself, with your own hands. Is it doing the thinking for you rather than you putting the effort into figuring things out yourself. Do not entertain anything that does not serve you.

"Give up sainthood, renounce wisdom and it will be a hundred times better for everyone. Throw away, morality and justice and people will do the right thing. Throw away industry and profit, that will be no thieves. All of these are outward, forms alone are not sufficient in themselves. It is more important to see the Simplicity to realize one's true nature, to cast, off selfishness and temper desire."

Tao Te Ching

Key internal low vibration factors restricting our evolution

(P=Problem and S=Solution)

Upbringing & Parenting (P)

Key reason for the world being chaotic and stuck in karmic patterns can be found in our approach to parenting and upbringing. We have a twisted view of ownership towards children, rather than being their guides and responsible guardians we are the exact opposite. We offload them to the outside world for care and programming due to our own 'busy' lives, work and social priorities. We try to make them look, act and be like us, and worst of all push them to 'fit in' to society, rather than understanding that they are their own masters, with their own life path.

Upbringing & Parenting (S)

First thing to consider is the divine nature of birth. Never attempt to bring a child to the world against your intuition, and never do it without first raising your own vibration and then finding a partner that matches that vibration, birth is a sacred thing. If you do not find this partner accept it, do not let your ego convince you otherwise. When you are a parent make it your priority, be a true guardian who shields the child from negative outside influence until they are ready. Help them indirectly on their journey of discovery to understand who they really are.

Belief & Fate (P)

We give much of our power away through belief, when we feel desperate or do not fit in we turn to outside belief systems like religion and spirituality. Belief turned into fate is problematic, because it makes us suppress our true self, our being. Fate also makes us blind due to trust, we block our intuition and do not want to see the true nature of things. This is especially true with religions, who are excellent at offering solutions and relief to issues like grief, loneliness, fear, as well as existential crises. Low vibrations is the net result for trusting our belief to powers outside of us.

Belief & Fate (S)

There is actually nothing wrong with believing, after all one of the most important things in life is believing in ourselves, our purpose and journey, as well as our magic. This type of internal belief system helps us stay on track with what we came here to do, it keeps us in touch with our being and soul. The external belief systems are different, as they drain us, they devour our energy and make us small, vulnerable and weak. Any flawed spiritual or religious practice can be exposed by looking at the reasons for their existence, what are they trying to achieve and gain. 

Routines & Control (P)

Life can quite easily become set in routine, and routine means we give into outside controls, as it is the outside world that forces us to adapt to its ways, if we let it that is. Routines can be found in lifestyle, work, exercise, eating habit, you name it. The biggest problem with routines is therefore that it blocks our intuition, the natural flow of things, which is not a controlled and organised state of existence, it is flux. Routines weaken our soul connectivity and stops us from attracting what was for us.

Routines & Control (S)

Firstly it is important to understand which aspects of life are controlled by our mind, our habits, our wants and needs, all low vibrational aspects of life, which block our soul connectivity. Some of our habits will be made into routines, and these routines should be considered major concerns if they are of addictive nature and tendency. Addictions keep us in low vibration and are the feeding and control ground of the ego and superego. Removing routine out of life is an fairly easy step to raise vibration.

Lack Of Self-Actualization (P)

Most people fear the mirror, to really look inside, because our ego makes us fearful of what one might find. This is the reason why self-actualization amongst humans is still extremely primitive and superficial, because we associate even spiritual growth with things like career, success, earnings, status and other low vibrational aspects of life. Worst of all society has commercialised self-actualization, which means we seek affirmation and support outside of ourselves, it is a recipe for disaster.

Lack Of Self-Actualization (P)

To understand oneself, what we truly are, to unlock our magic, self-dialogue is a must, without it nothing will be revealed because life experience on its own is simply not enough without reflection ground. Self-actualization is a continuous improvement process, it is the practice of completing the puzzle of life. Every experience and thought has its part to play and can be understood through self-reflection. Remember that this practice should not be offloaded ever to outside influences and gurus.

Status & Elitism (P)

Power, control and status are signs of primitivity, it represents the idea that manipulating, using and even destroying others is acceptable for own gain. It is a disgusting sight to say the least, as people with such fractured belief systems, with lack of morale, ethics, empathy, compassion and love, are directly hindering the organic evolution and natural order of things. These people are blind, stuck in the lowest vibration, and governed by ego.

Status & Elitism (S)

Pursuing power, fame and fortune takes us away from our purpose our higher self. We did not come here to use anyone or anything, we came here to discover, enjoy, and remind us of what freedom, free will, and unconditional love is. Understanding that status and elitism is futile is not enough, we must also find courage to detach. No one however, needs to directly engage and try to destroy elitism in the world, as it does it itself as the collective raises its awareness.

Selfishness & Greed (P)

Power hunger, status and elitism are rooted in selfishness and greed, which in my view is the lowest vibration, because it makes us walking disasters, full of fear, full of anger, full of conflict. It makes us fight for survival, for protecting our illusions, our programming and conditioning. When we choose to fight for such primitive causes we also keep attracting the darkness into our life, which we then poison the environment and other people with.

Selfishness & Greed (S)

Greed takes many forms and also creates more greed. Greed feeds selfishness, which the ego uses for its programming, to create our conditioning. Breaking the chains of selfishness is very hard, it starts with questioning things, which leads to a cycle of changes where one starts to find the courage to fight the conditioning, addictions and fears, resulting in the illusions eventually breaking down. The best tools for transition are love, trust and respect.

Competition & Jealousy (P)

So much in this world is linked with competition and the jealousy it creates, it is destructive to say the least. Competition with external focus makes us choose sides, it makes us want to win and suppress opposition, in the worst cases violently through war. Jealousy in turn emphasises our need to be seen, recognised, worthy, liked and accepted, all resulting in us giving away more and more of our own power and energy, which weakens our vibration further.

Competition & Jealousy (S)

The only competition that might be of any use is one competing with oneself, however in time one will find that all competition is linked with stress, which weakens our vibration and therefore is counterintuitive to our spiritual and holistic growth, as well as awareness. Counteracting jealousy is simple, if one understands the problem with competition, never measure yourself against anyone else, you can play, but always be mindful of your emotions.

Ego & Spirituality (P)

A big subject that is important to grasp. Ego is our illusions and programming, it creates a world external to us that we find attractive and blocks us from exploring the world and ourselves until we find the key to step back into our own higher power and detach from all things and people that do not serve our journey. Spirituality has two sides, one links us with the holistic nature of existence. The other one creates illusions of power that we use to feed superego.

Ego & Spirituality (S)

The ago, like darkness and negativity, are not our enemy, they are means for us to unlock our magic. When you learn to see things from an respectful angle that appreciates rather than questions creation, you can start to work on your relationship to both ego and spirit. All things have two sides to the coin, all things have polarities, understanding this unlocks your ability to create a more harmonious relationship with your emotions, which ultimately will set you free.

"The universe does not carry debts. It always returns back to you what you gave it."

Drishti Bablani

Selling our soul cheap is not what we came here to do

Until we change and stop selling our soul cheap, depleting our energy reserves through choosing to be subservient and loyal to external systems and internal low vibration conditioning, nothing much will or can change. Finding the courage to break the chain, to not participate and entertain anything that does not serve oneself and ultimately the collective is what will set us free. Unfortunately a lot of the energy that should stay inside us until it is pure is lost to the outside through following 'false gods' and 'demons', which is everything outside of you trying to guide, manipulate or intervene with your purpose and path. These 'false gods' and 'demons', together with the conditioning, is what turns us into sacrificial hypocrite 'lambs', who choose to believe that it is noble and necessary to 'be of service to the collective' and 'common good'.

Trauma makes us believe that fighting and fending for the collective gives us purpose, when in actual fact it deepens the voide between ego and higher self, puts us more in the mind than the heart. Concept like 'being of service to your country', 'defending our rights, freedom and democracy', 'protecting the vulnerable' are absolutely ridiculous in that they make us detach from the very thing that is most precious and most holy, our being and identity. For instance people, and especially parents (who in my view hold an absolute duty and responsibility of care towards their children, not to be offloaded to society at any cost) in modern day and age will go as far as to sacrifice themselves and their children by taking unnatural unproven, possibly life changing, injections (possibly even capable of tampering with the very fabric of life, DNA etc.) or listening to health advice from specialists and doctors who actually understand nothing of the makeup of the universe, the purpose of our programming, or least of all how body, mind, heart and soul functions as one holistic multidimensional entity.

"There's a theory that says that life is based on a competition and the struggle and the fight for survival, and it's interesting because when you look at the fractal character of evolution, it's totally different. It's based on cooperation among the elements in the geometry and not competition."

Bruce Lipton

Learning to stand in, and be, the minority is part of the job

I have been saying to myself since I was very young, that I should and will not ever listen to any direct advice that lacks substance, regardless of track record, status, family tie, friendship or even willingness to do good. If there is no clear indication that the person understands and can comprehend the complex makeup of existence and its holistic nature, there will only be very little space for common ground.

I believe that the gift of life is the greatest most sacred gift of all, and that it comes first, always. Only if I can lead a life that is worthy of my higher purpose and mission, can I be an effective part of the collective spectrum. This is why I do not allow the outside to mould or form me, I owe it nothing, because it is the one who tried to break my bond to myself, and this is why I will never serve it, as long as it does not find a high vibrational form that agrees with the will of source.

"There are the waves, and there is the wind, seen and unseen forces. Everyone has these same elements in their lives, the seen and unseen, karma and free will."

Kuan Yin

Never allow the outside world to mold or form you

Know this as well, that any individual, government or institution requiring or forcing you to adapt and give up even an inch of your Quality Of Life (QOL), wellbeing, or the right of choice, most definitely has a bag full of hidden and manipulative agendas and skeletons in their closet. Therefore, the most important thing in life is to find the courage to eventually fully detach from the programming and conditioning of society, stop participating and entertaining man made solutions, they are no solution. This is the only way that the dark clouds will ever eventually make space for a brighter tomorrow.

When these clouds start to dissolve, one will be able to see the conscious being behind them, who has learnt the art of surrendered and appreciation. This magical being 'you' will unlock and maintain a different energetic pattern and signature to the one you are used to, some call this 5D and crystalline DNA (fabric). Once this signature is unlocked it will help others to follow and consequently shift their own consciousness, but not through direct interaction and intervention, but rather through being in the 'now', being a present, as a high vibrating entity that promotes the law of attraction to gain ground and push the darkness aside.

Through understanding what consciousness represents we can start to understand the fractal and holographic nature of all that is in the physical dimension, we are representation of source 'God' capable of changing and evolving the totality of life, but we must learn our lessons through releasing Karma first, so be patient and trust you will get there.

"You are a divine being. You matter, you count. You come from realms of unimaginable power and light, and you will return to those realms."

Terence McKenna

The separation of spirit and form

Many Starseeds who are capable of channelling information, share with us information about the cosmic makeup. One interesting approach I personally find intriguing and that resonates with me is the idea that spirit and matter have been separated, which in my view would make Karma the gateway between spirit and form, the physical and nonphysical realm.

This separation experience of spirit and form is said to exists on many planets, but interestingly Earth is said to experience this phenomenon in extreme form, which might explain why earth is finding it hard, especially humanity, to break the negative Karmic patterns and cycles collectively. The reason for separation is an interesting topic, which suggests that The Great Central Sun needed the spirit and matter to be separated to better understand its own dilemma. As Gaia and other planets and systems work on their difficulties associated with this separation, and resolve them step by step, it will also allow The Great Central Sun to resolve its on problems on a multidimensional scale. This is why we live in such an interesting age, and this why everyone who has the courage to work on their shadow side and karma, will on their be part participating in this monumental shift and realignment. 

"The Great Central Sun, in its experimentation with separating spirit and matter into separate and distinct blueprints, underestimated that a part of the equation would become so lost that it would fail to hear or be able to interpret spirit or soul. It is as a result of this miscalculation, that form would become a separate life force in existence of its own free will and without the supervision of soul that the problems upon Earth and within the human dance are related."


Karma must come to balance and be freed before it will move on

It is important to understand that Karma is not a person, entity or god judging you, and it is this realisation that will help one clear the twisted relationship to things like religion and fate. Karma should be seen as an impersonal energetic force that is out of balance seeking balance for it to be released. What flows in one direction will also flow in another direction before it comes to balance. Karma works in the conscious and unconscious, in the unconscious it may be played out in a dream to find balance never to actually enter the physical plane. However, once Karma is released, we should let it go with love and forgiveness, at which point it will not seek to repeat the lessons to find balance, it is the final step. When Karma releases one can feel it in their vibration, and through feeling 'lighter', shedding something one has been carrying or dragging behind, and this is the art of raising vibration.

Step 1) Attract the experience when you are ready for it 

Step 2) Reflect and understand what it means, come to realisation or repeat Step 1

Step 3) Release Karma through forgiveness, understanding and love, happy journey

"Karma is justice. It does not reward or punish, because we have to earn all that we receive."

Mary T. Brown

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