BeTheChange | KnowHow

Knowhow is defined though practical skill, theory, philosophy and awareness

Competence, skills, practical and theoretical knowledge all play a critical part in the game of life, because they partly enable our growth, evolution and personal development. The problem, and biggest drawback, with competence and skills is that it has been made into a commercial product. Collective teaching on paper is a good idea and works in highly technical areas, but the corrupt, greedy and power-seeking nature of man has in fact hindered the organic development of our competence profiles. The best people are not in the roles and jobs they should be in, why? Because institutions maintain and firm grip over the education sector and suppress the value for self-learning and -education, although this type of learning can be much more diverse, adaptable, open and effective. Openly promoting and supporting self-learning could make a massive and extremely positive impact on the world and its organic evolution. In this section, we explore the gaps and need for change in education and methods for enhancing self-learning.