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BeTheChange By Niklas Christides

Why do we even learn?

Author & Release │ Niklas Christides │ 27-04-2018

Before diving into the different dimensions of learning I feel it is worth contemplating what learning is and why we actually learn...

To answer what learning is, I think it is important to understand the unique nature of each being. As each and every individual has set their foot on planet earth to walk their own path, each and everyone will also have their own relationship to learning and how they collect and process information.

One of the key aspects affecting how we understand and associate ourselves to the process of learning is our vibration. At a lower vibration we are heavily ego bound and influenced by the external world, which means that we are subject to and relying on outside influences to teach us.

"How you vibrate is what the universe echoes back to you in every moment."


Unlocking access to universal knowledge

At the higher vibration knowledge can be accessed from the source library, which for instance in the philosophy of anthroposophy is known as the Akashic Records. Memories of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions and intent ever recorded by all entities past, present, and future.

A being at a higher vibration, who has detached itself and is free, as explained in the UNIQU SOULFLOW Tree-Of-Life theory, will not focus on learning, but rather on mirroring experiences of something that has already been, they do not invent anything or work on 'discovering' or 'realising' something, as it has already taken place. At a lower vibration the learning is linked with feeding illusions created by the ego, a need and curiosity to learn. As said, because each being has their individual path to follow there is no right or wrong way of learning. In essence all learning is necessary and everything has a higher purpose, which can be understood through our soul contract, why we are where we are and what we are at any present moment.

"Everything in life is vibration."

Albert Einstein

Learning at lower vibration levels

At a lower vibration our learning can be described as a process of matching thoughts with experience to complement our needs. This is why people go to school or take a degree, to influence their reality, to allow for more substance. In my personal experience the egocentric world was about serving others to fit in, to cope, to survive, which obviously leaves very little space for true self-reflection.

This need to perform and serve to 'create' or 'build' our life or for some just simply living under fear creates stress, which in turn blinds and distracts us from our true purpose and path. We stop following our intuition and instead focus on making our illusions reality to feel safe, to feel less stressed. The interesting thing is that this drive and determination to counteract our stress actually never makes us less stressed, because we move further and further away from our true being, making us shallow and superficial.

The point is that, at lower vibration it would be worth taking more time, not all our time however, to reflect on self, but often we fail to do so due to the need to fill up our time. When there is no time for self-reflection there is equally no time for self-actualization, and we become trapped in our world of illusions. When we are trapped it is impossible for us enjoy our lives in the long run as we are in a state of conflict and confusion, we feel that something is not right although we cannot understand what, which create anxiety and negativity, primary reason for beings at low vibration projecting negative energy, there is simply no peace of mind to be had.

"Our ultimate goal should be a creation of such a vibration that is determined by our Higher Selves, rather than by manipulations of our egos."

Katya Ki

The self-actualization journey

Life can be strange, it is true, we can feel so determined about something, believe it to be true before it is turned upside down in an instant. As we raise our vibration through self-actualization, which is something that each and everyone can do by rearranging their priorities and dynamics in life. This shift does take courage, resilience and fate at first, one must simply learn to let go of things, ideas, people and needs. Essentially we become outcasts unrecognised by the herd, the 'need to fit in' is replaced with the drive to detach from all and everything, which is the path to enlightenment through raised vibration.

As we vibrate higher we start to leave behind us the idea that we need to help others, as we understand that helping others physically or mentally means us tampering or influencing the path of the other. We have no right to influence the experiences of others, not to tell them what to do, not to guide them, as they have taken their present form to make their own realisations and learn from the choices they make.

"Freedom of choice is always worth fighting for, therefore we should be mindful that influencing others is destructive, whilst maintaining open dialogue without forcing the hand of others is progressive."

Niklas Christides

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