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BeTheChange By Niklas Christides

BeTheChange | Is our road and life path our own?

Author & Release │ Niklas Christides │ 15-02-2020

Do our life and career choices provide us with the best way forward in life? It is intriguing how little we appreciate the importance and impact of our choices, particularly when it comes to our career and quality of life (QOL). I tend to say that most people walk in the footsteps of their ancestors, and follow the roads built, and offered to them, by them and modern society. Very few have the courage and resilience to walk their own way and follow their own path.

The unfortunate thing with the 95% or more people following this ready-made life path is that they become and remain very safety orientated and close-minded, which understandably people see as sensible, why? Well, because nearly everyone else (the herd) is walking this path already, which makes people assume it must be the safest option. The problem in life is that the safer we feel, the more fragile we become, and as nature does not really appreciate weakness, survival of the fittest is the natural world order, we will over time always face the turmoil associated with our choice not to walk our own path.

"It's not the days in your life, but the life in your days that counts."

Brian White

Following and copying others is never part of the plan

Imagine for a moment people slowly walking forward in tidy lines with their heads hanging low. These people do not have the courage to look left, right, back or forward, all they see is the next pair of footsteps in front of them, which they will step into.

My interpretation of society is exactly this; the majority of people are bound to low vibration and lack, because they are so predictable, they choose not to face and encounter anything that might disrupt or change their feeling of security. This has been happening for hundreds, possibly thousands of years, but only now in this present global age can we truly make sense of the damage this type of lifestyle has done to humanity.

"Vibration is the core of the spirit. It is the breath of life."

Suzy Kassem

Maintaining a fake realities

A person who does not create their own perspective of the world around them is stuck in a type of fake reality, a reality made for them, not by them. This type of mentality in life influences and heavily impacts and restricts us. It is worth considering and discovering how the following might impact you:

Low level of self-esteem

I am nothing, I can change nothing, I can influence nothing, and I am change resistant because I am afraid of what could be.

My mind and its processing power

Reduced creativity due to lack of impulses and openness to what could be, life bound to facts rather than open-minded thinking.

My sense of freedom and purpose

Determined by society, and the rules and laws it sets. Do I see myself being an extension of society rather than in charge of my own life.

My level of intelligence and awareness

Belief and submissiveness to structured learning processes proposed by others rather than putting trust in my own ability to learn, educate and develop myself through spirit and balancing of experiences, as well as theoretical and philosophical thinking.

My ability to stand tall and take control

Am I a follower and therefore should not challenge the status quo, I always choose the easy rather than the hard road, as well as shortcuts where they present themselves.

My sense of justice

I always stand behind and support the mob and back the collective approach rather than what feels right or makes sense to me inside, I am shallow rather than deep.

My values and ethical outlook

My values are not my own, I trust the collective approach and society. I have no ethics because I do not listen to my soul, I choose to follow the collective, as it makes me feel safe.

My need to put ego first

I am a shallow and ruthless individual, my own interest, greed and selfish agenda comes first. I exploit others and the world to gain more power, fame and wealth.

My health and wellbeing

I trust things that society backs and promotes, big brands over small production. Peer pressure and trends guide me and dominate my behaviour. I blindly follow doctors and health recommendations. I lack the courage to try new things.

These are some of the most common areas of concern, reasons that keep us locked down in low vibration and ensure we remain weak and dependent on society rather than being independent and in charge of our own lives.

For me the idea of freedom is paramount, because only when you are truly free can you ever start your journey towards finding happiness and in the end a tranquil life, which requires a deeper level of awareness and self-exploration mindset, as well as sustainable lifestyle. To become part of the 5% or less people in this world who show any real potential of free thinking and not being puppets of society is not that easy. The problem is that it requires us to break free from a strong belief system and habit of living, kept in check by deep-rooted fear.

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."


Change takes effort

Change is not simple, for instance if we would like to change our poor food and drink habits and start using pure organic ingredients etc. the body would have to endure a heavy change and clean-up process, as it has for years been trying to adapt to not having access to good quality food and drink. For any actual change to take place the body must endure a period of change, rehabilitation if you like, which often feels worse than the situation before. Why? Because this is how nature differentiates the weak from the strong.

Change takes time, which is something we should always remember to embrace, not complain about. So, if we want to change who we are, we must firstly commit to the process and accept that it takes time, there are no shortcuts and we should not pursue such options, it is disrespectful to nature. To be, or not to be, a puppet of society, is a very real and difficult question. Changing all areas of our life takes time, therefore changing our lifestyle and removing destructive patterns associated with our health and wellbeing is a good first step. Being mindful of what we drink and eat, and how much we sleep allows us to feel better about ourselves. There is however another major area of concern that stresses us and our lives (stress is possibly the most destructive of our habits), it is our approach to work life and concept of career, does it actually serve us is the question.

"If things are too easy, too simple, too repetitive in life we tend to learn nothing and stagnate, no actual evolution takes place and subsequently there will be nothing to be truly grateful for, because we feel empty inside."

Niklas Christides

Our approach to working

The realisation that any employment, work or action influences many aspects of our life, wellbeing, spirit and balance can be very powerful. Some of the areas to consider:

1) Stress and burnout risk

2) Submissiveness and free thinking

3) Joy of life and happiness

4) Meaningfulness and purpose

5) Intelligence and awareness

6) Competency and skills

7) Spirituality and vibration

8) Ethics, morale and sense of justice

All of these, and many other aspects of work life, can either have positive or negative outcomes depending on:

Employer Attitude

Company values and the work setting they provide, do they believe in creating authentic win-win setting for all.

Leadership Quality

The level of organisation, as well as balance of empowerment, support, control, communication, coordination etc.

Workforce Quality

Recruitment of the right types of people, workforce belief, values, synergy and unity.

Personal Attitude

Ability to fit in out of own will, and reason for choosing to work for someone else, does it give me purpose.

You see, the thing about life is that all things need to work together seamlessly, because a great employer is not great without great people and empowered supportive (not focused on influencing) leadership. I think the problem with the world is that we think small and admire insignificant achievements, we fixate ourselves on one thing or action at the time and focus a lot of our energy on that isolated issue or action, just like doctors who do not see the bigger picture, all they know is how to address, not even fix, isolated problems.

"Every fix, when not considering the bigger picture leads to rework, because ultimately it did not fix anything in the context of everything."

Niklas Christides

Stagnation consumes a lot of energy

The point is, we can keep doing this forever and we pretty much have, and as a result we, society and humanity in general, pretty much stand still in an age when we should be taking major leaps forward. It is so incredibly visible and clear, today in 2020, that both society and business found a way to totally reach a point of standstill or reverse. Can you name even one country or company that has resolved all the above questions and created the perfect model of progressive life, no, because it does not exist. And let me point out, if you tell yourself such a model exists you are lying to yourself, in which case I recommend some soul searching until you can see the truth staring you in the face.

I suppose it looks more and more like the world can only change through the actions of people, we all need to find and raise our own voice, start our own individual pursuit towards freedom and ultimately happiness. We should really work on reducing our reliance on society, government solutions, employers and other controlling factors in life who seem to exist to tell us how we should live, there is no happiness to be found at the end of such a tunnel.

"People are afraid of themselves, of their own reality; their feelings most of all."

Jim Morrison

Becoming more is our birthright

When people raise their level of awareness, vibration (frequency) and sense of freedom, they simply become more, they start fixing and managing their own lives first and ultimately after sorting their own things out participate organically in the strengthening of society. They also fix the problems and issues that the people who control the world, society and business can never fix, why? Because in general terms, the educated (professors, academics, gurus...), as well as the rich and power hungry (leaders, politicians, priests...) etc. are actually the people who contribute the least to the development of society. 

These people are the stagnation, they are the ones providing short-sighted solutions and rarely consider the bigger picture, because they do not want evolution, they want to maintain their status and protect their present way of life. These selfish and self-centred people rely on and cling to social structure, a structure they did not build and develop themselves, a structure they actually do not understand because they cannot see the bigger picture (if they did they would realise it does not serve a good purpose). They have lost touch to the foundation, the background, the why something was developed (intent may have been fine in the beginning), which is why 99% of the solutions these people ever come up with, propose and implement actually lead to worse outcomes in the long run for the masses

"Democracy is an excellent example of a weak design solution and theory turned into actual uncontrolled chaos in reality."

Niklas Christides

Change is a constant

Yes, things look and feel polished when they are new, however wear and tear is universal and the problem with people and things not renewing and evolving extends over time to a non-functioning society, which in modern age 2020 actually can be described as a machinery that works on squeezing out even the last drops of freedom out of this world. If earth (Gaia) however manages to collectively raise its vibration in less than ten years no one will care what fancy education someone has.

No, all that will matters is, do you have evidence of the following:

Experience and track record

Something to compare and reflect on, so that one can upgrade oneself and evolve.

Hard and soft competency

Ability to creatively utilise body and mind in the way it was intended to in relation to self.

Ethics, integrity, heart and soul

Deep rooted understanding that everything is precious and exists for a reason.

Attitude to make things happen

Not bowing down to anyone, working on what each and everyone feels suits them.

Multi skills and willingness to learn

Understanding that we are beings of light and have access to incredible knowledge.

Awareness that change is a constant

Nothing stays the same, life is flux, everything is constantly on the move.

The reality is that true sustainability champions and knights of the earth shape their own reality, they see the gaps and speak out, they put themselves first and work on creating a self-sustainable progressive life in harmony with nature. They not only show others by example how to live life, but also fully enjoy the life they create for themselves, which allows for higher vibration. These people are energetic not lazy and they know what their purpose is, they are slaves of no man, society or business.

"One thing I have learned in a long life: that all our science, measured against reality, is primitive and childlike."

Albert Einstein

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