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BeTheChange By Niklas Christides

Nothing is, nor should, be perfect

Author & Release │ Niklas Christides │ 08-01-2021

As one examines the world and history more closely, it is really only possible to come to one conclusion about the Age of Pieces (past 2000 years), that it has been a time ravaged by ego and the conflicts and chaos it is capable of creating. There has been very little room for any softness in this Age of Pieces, which explains the stagnation in both awareness and vibration.

There simply has been little to no progress in human evolution when it comes to matters of heart and soul, due to ego and superego control. This hard way of being is evident and visible in how people behave in general, so therefore it is not just something relating to technology or power hungry leaders (serpents).

"Nothing is perfect and without mercy and flexibility we would be unable to cooperate and co-exist."

Niklas Christides

Without heart, compassion, grace and love life can be very harsh and cold

Majority of people have been turning inwards into their own space, unfortunately not to work on their self-actualization (who they truly are), but rather due to fear, the fear to live life on their own terms and this in turn has made their own shell even harder. The harder a person is, the less he or she has room for mercy and understanding of self and others, and this type of person will find it harder and harder to break his or her own shell to see beneath. I call this 'the process of giving away the flow of life', it makes us work on detaching from the soul and higher self, something that is not very beneficial to us unless one chooses darkness over light.

In my view one of the worst illusions created by the ego is the individual need to strive towards perfection, even though deep inside we can all feel that it is no virtue to us, it is not a human condition to want to be better or more than someone else. Understandably, such an idea is, of course, addictive to individuals who identify with superficiality and superficial things. Such individuals sense the power and ability to control surroundings and others, which is obviously a trap for the weak minded, and associates us with greed and selfishness, as well as the seven sins of the underworld. The choice to maintain a sinful lifestyle is truly karmic and trapps the individual in low vibration, as well as limits their consciousness, which triggers a continuous downward spiral of negativity.

"It is better to risk saving a guilty person than to condemn an innocent one."


Symptoms of a sinful lifestyle

Feeling Of Inadequacy

Nothing is enough, life is filled with superficiality and superficial things, every effort is made to ensure others do not surpass oneself, feeling of failure and fatigue.

Performance Obsession

Compulsive idea of ​​having to create something of oneself and compete with our surroundings, always emphasises the importance of career and achievements for oneself and others.

Low Self-esteem

No faith or belief in oneself, living life through explaining rather than enjoying, escaping rather than facing up to challenges, uses aggression as a tool to control situations and people.

Exploitation Mindset

Pushing own negativity onto others in a cruel and cold way, psychotic mind that works on brainwashing self to justify each and every bad and evil deed, also focused on suppressing any feelings of regret.

Addiction & Spinelessness

Likes the idea of herd as a safety blanket that ensures there is no need to face up to anything in life, uses the collective and attracts different addictions into own life to act as coping mechanisms.

Illness & Mental Disorders

Rooted in negativity, both body and mind are broken and tired of continuously making poor decisions and doing things that do not serve higher self, heavily feeds soul detachment.

"The truth doesn't have to do with cruelty, the truth has to do with mercy."

Ken Kesey

Fear of failure is our negatively geared karmic wheel of fortune

Without mercy, development and progress slows down, as one of the rules of the universe would seem to be that the best long-term sustainable development takes place through trial and error. When we remove trial and error out of the equation and replace it with a search for perfection, we find ourselves in a situation where we are increasingly driven by the fear of failure.

This fear is like kryptonite to mercy, because when we start entertaining the fear of failure we will eventually stop being merciful to ourselves and obviously everyone else at that point as well. It seems, then, that the rapid superficial development of mankind during the Age of Pieces really comes at a heavy price; it has driven us into isolation from self and each other with the possible ultimate price being that the majority of superficial ego bound individuals could totally detach from the concept of mercy (scary scenario).

"Our presence in a place of need is more powerful than a thousand sermons."

Charles Colson

Without mercy its ice-ice baby

If there was no mercy, all we would have left is our icecold shell, we would become totally gutless. The big risk, I feel, with going cold and no longer feeling sympathy will also lead to the inability to love, which after all is one of the, if not 'the', universal glue. Modern society shows us very clearly where we are on this detachment journey from mercy, as maintaining long-lasting loving relationships and unconditionally caring for others seems to be increasingly difficult for humans.

I feel it is essential to understand the exchange we are making every time we choose to condemn something or someone and act through pure coldness. Every time this happens it is a step further into isolation and emptiness, which hardens our cold shell further. Imagine for a moment what kind of relationship we would have with our children in a future, where even the last drops of compassion and love have been suppressed? Be aware, there are already areas in the world and societies where even children are only means for obtaining money through benefits. Is this what we are, is this what we can be proud of, no, it is the result of spinelessness and choosing the easy way all the time.

"In helping others we benefit ourselves; we heal our own wounds in binding up those of others."


Transition into the Age of Aquarius gives us plenty of hope

Where the Age of Pieces could be called the age of the ego and superego The Age of Aquarius will be significantly different in that it will be a time of expanded consciousness. It will provide humanity with the opportunity to co-exist and appreciate the earth, its nature and many wonders. In this time there will be much more appreciation for authentic compassionate justice and human rights, as well as openness to collaboration where the first thought is not to stab a dagger in a partner's back, but rather to create and work towards authentic win-win outcomes (goes for relationships as well).

I feel we will also see that people of similar vibration, awareness, calling and like-mindedness will find each other, and that these individuals will choose to live their lives and create together, which will likely reduce the need for conflicts and especially war. There will also be more light work done on the planet guiding more and more people towards enlightenment, which is the reason we now see an increase in authentic light workers (not gurus trapped in super ego) who will truly help raise the vibration of the planet and that is.

"Every age has a kind of universal genius, which inclines those that live in it to some particular studies."

John Dryden

Mercy is a gift and a sign of a positive SOULFLOW

In my opinion mercy is one of the greatest gifts given to humanity, because it allows us to comprehend and process things on a very conscious level. Mercy is, in part, about allowing and making space for mistakes, however this is not the most important feature associated with mercy. The role of mercy in understanding the bigger picture is very important, if we did not have mercy we might easily trap ourselves in our illusions, which we have done, living and serving a reality that is not serving us, our higher self. It is important to remember that mercy is not the same as forgiveness, mercy is a deeper level of consciousness that allows us to understand why things are what they are. It is also important to create a healthy relationship to mercy and ensure it is not used as a tool for contentment, as not understanding the depth associated with mercy can equally result in stagnation.

A good example of mercy can be found in front of our noses, it is our method and relationship to upbringing and teaching, we teach our kids based on the 'best' present knowledge available to parents and society. The choices of parents and society, both need to control and lack of awareness results in and shapes kids into the people they eventually become, detached from higher self and ego bound. We live in an astonishing time where we can observe the damage these past 2000 years have done. We can realise how restrictive our methods and awareness are and have been, that our spinelessness has led to parents and society restricting kids from achieving their potential and right to be free and blossom, to become what they truly are inside.

Remind yourself of the countless generations, where children were bred to become copies of their parents, at worst even through use of force and manipulation. We have been breaking the spirits of children, that is the legacy of the Age of Pieces, not very nice is it. These kids took on the negative karma from all the previous generations and no wonder they had a hard time, most did choose to continue in the footsteps of their ancestors and this is for me the best explanation for why the vibration on planet earth is so incredibly low, but also why we need mercy to even start healing our many wounds and scars.

The point we can take from this is that our limitation and lack of awareness now challenges us to be merciful towards our weakness, to understand that it is all part of the process and growth, however difficult it may feel. Mercy, however, does not mean that you just accept everything and turn a blind eye, oh no, it is quite the opposite actually. Mercy is about viewing everything, every moment, action, deed, even feeling through a point of mercy, to understand what it means and represents at a deeper level.

"Organic change is a harmonic dance between mercy, grace and drive."

Niklas Christides

Mercy is the glue for maintaining progressive society and community

Mercy is a good tool for understanding and studying the progressiveness of society and communities. Mercy can help us question things with bigger picture and deep root understanding in mind, which in turn helps us open doors that may have been closed to us before. The thing that is unfortunate is that power hunger, especially in weak low vibrating people, stops us from considering mercy as a tool, the ego simply does not like it, it sees it as a threat rather than opportunity.

For the same reason, I feel it can also be concluded that one of the biggest reasons why there are such differences in class, race, culture, knowledge, understanding, belief and lifestyle in society is the lack of mercy. It especially applies to religions and governments who condemn others; such an approach cannot be called progressiveness, and it is especially not merciful to any degree. Fortunately, the great shifts on this planet have been and are again associated with man, which is why there is a sense of hope in the air confirming that the days of mercy are far from over.

"Only when people overcome their fears, through mercy, can they reinforce their vibration, connectivity and relationship to love, which ultimately counterbalances stagnation and releases the flow of life."

Niklas Christides

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