Nature │ Our caretaker and the enabler of life

Respecting nature and all its power, it is the best, biggest and smartest basic thing that any human could realise to do. Being one with nature also sets us on our way for our own growth, as it is one of the must do fundamental actions if one looks to shift their vibration and awareness from ego-centric to freedom-focused.

Time to get this straight, man does not even understand God in the ego and superego state, and when eventually one raises their vibration they will come to realise that it is totally different reality they are facing, something they could not see hidden away behind the ego curtain.

For me the only logical, respectful and aware thing to do is to act and behave in a way that does not abuse, consume and burden nature more than necessary, something we humans are incredibly talented at. It also goes without saying, and does not take a genius to realise that far more than half of everything we produce globally is unnecessary and burdens the planet. Only people in low vibration (politicians, business leaders, weak minded souls...) would ever choose to promote or serve such a world, a world of chaos and exploitation.

This overproduction applies to everything food, housing, transport, work, technology, business, services, coaching etc., and herein lies the true problem with this man-made world, with its ridiculous governance, governments and businesses, it is simply unsustainable, greedy, selfish and ignorant, all aspects of sin rather than virtue.

In this BTC section, I talk about nature and the various things that could have an impact on the biodiversity and wellbeing of nature in both the short and long run, as well as the human relationship to nature at large.

'If nature is mature enough to take care of us, why would we not choose to take care of her too.'

Niklas Christides

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