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By Niklas Christides

Learning, knowledge, knowhow is the holy grail

Competence, skills, practical and theoretical knowledge, all play a critical part in the game of life, because they partly enable our growth, evolution and personal development. The problem, and biggest drawback, with competence, skills and learning in general is that it has been commercialised, it has become a product and means of trade.

On paper, collective teaching may seem like a good idea and could probably work, but the corrupt, greedy and power tripping nature of man in the present age keeps a firm grip over the education sector and hinders the organic development of particularly our soft and more holistic skills and competencies. Furthermore it keeps supressing and downplaying the role and value of self-learning and -education, although this type of learning is more diverse, adaptable, open and effective than any institution can offer.

"Openly promoting and supporting self-learning could trigger a massive and extremely positive shift in consciousness, which would drastically speed up the organic evolution of the natural world."

Niklas Christides

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