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Sins and the problem with religion

Author& Release │ Niklas Christides │ 02-04-2021

One could say that our world has been trapped in stagnation for 1000 years or more largely due to the changed social order where possession and sub servancy has subconsciously become something seen by the masses as a virtue, as well as status quo. Follow the leaders, no need to think for yourself, no need to experience anything that is not pre-set 'ready' for us.

In my view one of the most damaging and detrimental models for possessing another human is religion and let me explain why. Philosophically and in theory religion can be seen as a positive thing, it was likely created to assist people on their path, to find deeper meaning in life and ultimately discover themselves, their being and higher self.

As with the majority of any philosophy and theory over time the likelihood for corruption and misuse increases. In many, if not most cases, the theories constructed by the human mind lack the necessary holistic and spiritual vision and awareness, which is why it is fair to generalise that these theories are doomed to be misused and interpreted wrongly over time.

"The sad thing about human stagnation is that humans did not only become obsessed with owning materialistic and shiny things, which they adore, they actually managed to take it radically further, they became obsessed with owning nature and each other."

Niklas Christides

Exploring our darker side

Now, I feel it is important to understand that when philosophy, theory, ideology, organisations, institutions and solutions corrupt themselves they open the gates to our dark side where our ego can freely create illusions of safety and harmony. In mythology the seven princes or lords of the underworld who feature in the work of German bishop and theologian Peter Binsfeld provide us with an excellent reflection point in terms of the powers we would unleash upon the earth when we choose corruption over righteousness.

The seven princes of the underworld each represent one of the deadly sins, which remind us why corruption, manipulation, control and greed are so detrimental and karmic to us. Furthermore, I have also chosen to add one eight prince to this list, Cronus, the lord of death due to our challenging relation to both fear and death.

"Sin is absence of God. Nothing more, nothing less."

Simon Mawer

The seven sins + death in mythology

Pride │ Lucifer

Pride is the most serious of the seven deadly sins and understandably associated with Lucifer who's pride drove him to believe he could reign and rule over the heavens.

Greed │ Mammon

Greed is heavily associated with money, wealth and possession. Mammon is the prince of the underworld that enslaved those who did live their lives through greed.

Lust │ Asmodeus

Lust is the speciality of prince Asmodeus who was considered a master in the art of spreading lust, obsessiveness and weakness to temptation throughout the lands.

Envy │ Leviathan

Envy is a very prominent weakness of mind and focus, especially in modern age and society. Envy is associated with the Leviathan, a sea monster with a gaping mouth that represents the gates of hell trough which subjects of envy are entering hell.

Gluttony │ Beelzebub

Gluttony, the selfish state where nothing is ever enough. Gluttony is the area of the fallen angel Beelzebub and generally associated with excess eating, but should rather be seen as us being needy and wanting, willing to take anything and everything without thankfulness and gratitude.

Wrath │ Satan

Wrath, the state of extreme anger, hate and rage is not surprisingly associated with Satan, and it is said that all sorcery is rooted in the works of Satan, which is also possibly the reason he is often depicted as such a pitiful and repulsive being.

Laziness │ Belphegor

Laziness is associated with Belphegor and represents our endless ability to search for shortcuts in life, not ever doing or finishing things properly. Laziness simply lacks respect and dignity, and is therefore heavily linked with manipulation, cunning and deceit, which is possibly why Belphegor was said to take many forms, so that he could convince, seduce and manipulate weak humans to pursue ingenious inventions and grand discoveries that would bring them riches, wealth and esteem. After the humans had their power trip and achieved their sense of control and success Belphegor would snatch from them all that they had achieved.

Death Cronus

Death and fear is the role of Cronus, the lord of death, also known as the Grim Reaper. Cronus  symbolizes the end of life and collection of the soul. On a more philosophical level Cronus represents the notion that everything must come to an end. In mythology it is commonly understood that after the Reaper has collected the soul, he will serve as a psych pomp, a guide who helps you find your way into the next realm. Fear of death is one of the major challenges modern society gripples with, which is why I added Cronus to this list as the eight lord of the underworld. Our twisted relationship to fear and death is what keeps us in low vibration. 

"Hell is the highest reward that the devil can offer you for being a servant of his."

Billy Sunday

Things are not always as they seem

It is very interesting that religion, which is built on such fine, but unfortunately superficial and ideological, values and positive messages can now, years later be much rather linked with the seven sins than the heavens, salvation and freedom.

It even feels as if these institutions were transformed to encourage people to become hooked and obsessed with the promise and idea of salvation and freedom through them. Can you imagine people praying and even giving away everything to serve the church, priests, governments, politicians, celebrities and gurus (yes, gurus are no different, they make people attach themselves to their ideology and methods).

The real problem lies in servitude, which is a state where one entity willingly gives away its freedom and replaces their own freedom with the heavy chains of mental and spiritual weakness, low vibration. A person entering into this contract will endure suffering, which can truly be witnessed in everyday life in the modern world (although they may not feel it), it is simply negatively geared.

In truth the public has lost almost all ability to see things in the positive light, society is submissive to negativity so to say and with it the negative energy it creates. Unfortunately we can even go as far as saying that many people perceive their life and existence as a punishment or abomination, which tells us how far down the rabbit hole we have ventured and what a destructive influence things like religion have had on people and society. The rabbit hole represents low vibration, it is us moving further and further away from our being, soul contract and higher self.

"We have to recognize that sin is a fact, not a defect; sin is red-handed mutiny against God. Either God or sin must die in my life...If sin rules in me, God's life in me will be killed; if God rules in me, sin in me will be killed."

Oswald Chambers

Be mindful of what and who influences your world

Point is, each person should carefully consider what types of influences they allow into their life. We were not given life to be negative, destructive, hurtful or disrespectful of others, nature and the universe, it is a state we choose to enter in, not always from our own choosing, but we can always break the chains of suffering if we step up our game.

"The more people that willingly break the chains of weakness and suffering, the quicker we can move from living in the underworld to experiencing heaven on earth."

Niklas Christides

Remember to always listen to your heart, not your head

Digging deep is sort of a must to enable change, and it is the ability to listen to the heart, to our intuition that will guide us home. We should not be afraid to listen and use the tools we are given, as they are the only ticket to salvation we have.

"The kingdom of Heaven is a condition of the heart, not something that comes upon the earth or after death."

Friedrich Nietzsche

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