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BeTheChange By Niklas Christides

The is power in respect

Author & Release │ Niklas Christides │ 13-07-2021

Respect is important in business and work, and it holds a surprising power dimension. I once asked myself what would the world be without respect? Well actually, it would probably look pretty much the way it looks today, because the world lacks respect on so many levels.

With respect I refer to the 3H integrity approach, to be respected with integrity one must remain Humane, Humble, and Holistic. These three words are important, because through them we can become worthy of having an opinion. Any person who does not understand the purpose of these three words cannot possibly be considered a person of integrity, which ultimately is of vital importance in terms of being a positive contributor to the world and universe at large.

"Respect yourself and others will respect you."


The art of being humane

To be humane, means that we need to be able to show compassion and kindness, it does however not mean that we cannot be firm and strict or lead by example. The key point is that we need to be soft and firm in balance and not influence others. To have the necessary awareness to use our soft skills to complement our hard side is what empowerment truly is all about, but often this part is largely misunderstood or forgotten in dialogue.

Making others feel weak to maintain a position of power contradicts the purpose of empowerment, we are not supposed to be the best at what we do now or forever, but rather embrace the day when we have inspired others to surpass our level of understanding, efficiency and insight. Accepting this does not make us obsolete, it allows us to gain respect through the fact that we are empowering others to become more. This is also the point when our energy can shift to a new level, it is the point when we can start to truly understand the role duty and participation, that whatever we do we do in relation to self, which in turn will organically inspire continuity in our community and beyond.

"Self-respect is the fruit of discipline, the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself."

Abraham Heschel

Being humble is openess of both mind and spirit

To be humble is hard, why? Because, most people feel it is a direct contradiction with ambition and success. Actually, this is a common misconception, the opposite is true because being humble is about being open, not closed. Being humble is not a weakness, it creates a clear line of sight, because the thing that blocks our vision and our ability to be holistically aware is selfishness.

Selfish and self-centered thinking presents only one path, destruction and chaos, and in the presence of selfishness and greed there cannot exist any positive contribution to the world at large, inevitably it ends in pain and suffering for oneself and others.

"Being humble and respectful towards nature, the world and the universe is greatness in itself."

Niklas Christides

Holistic insight can be only be achieved through being humane and humble

Finally we approach the question of holistic insight, something that can only be achieved through being humane and humble, why? Because, the world does only truly reveal its deeper secrets to the people who are pure at heart and deserving. it however does not mean that we cannot make mistakes, it means that we can reach a level of awareness that considers the connection between the physical and holistic, the ying and the yang in life.

We can sense this hidden dimension through the energy vibration inside and around us, and this same radiation makes us radiate more positive energy into the world when we project positivity. This is the true and only real dimension of leadership, this is when our integrity rises to a level that attracts people to follow suite, listen and contribute without having to force things to happen around them.

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."

Viktor Frankl

Insight and spiritual connectivity shields us from the darkeness surrounding us

Achieving a level of awareness where we understand the 3H idea can helps us shield and protect ourselves from all the darkness in the world, not to escape it, but to receive space to do our thing and radiate more positivity. For business and people to take giant leap forward towards sustainability we do really need more holistically aware individuals and organisations. Change-makers that will ensure that the business world starts working towards transforming itself into an entity that maintains a seamless harmony with nature, no more overproduction, pollution, un-necessary medicine etc.

A big ask yes, but this is the only real path to salvation, because if we do not gear up, I am afraid nature will in time take fully charge and destroy everything we built and hold so dear, because it considers it obsolete, not worthy due to the negativity assoicated with our human ways. This would mean that it was all for nothing and a pointless struggle against time, surely even the most greedy, money centered person should get the point accross that this is no desirable outcome for anyone.

"We must become the change we want to see."

Mahatma Gandhi