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BeTheChange By Niklas Christides

The show will go on until it is crushed

Government, entrepreneurship, business and enterprise were designed, and meant to be, the smart solution for productivity and mobilizing the world, which would lead to happiness and continuous development. Unfortunately, this enterprise model has failed to bring any sort of balance to the world, instead it has become a breeding ground for selfishness, political and institutionalised corruption, poverty, manipulative religions, unhappiness, exploitation, power games and unethical practice. For these reason, and because there are very few good actual freedom and unconditional love agents in the world, change is slow and mundane. This is why everyone learning to become an agent for change is of such value and importance. 

"I know that people can be better than they are. We are capable of bearing a great burden, once we discover that the burden is reality and arrive where reality is."

James Baldwin

We are in charge of our own future, each and every one is

Let me tell you this, people have actually always been in charge of their own future, from what they allow and participate in. For instance the choice to entertain, engage with, and support governments, allow corporations and large companies to blossom through relying on them, or simply let twisted low vibrating individuals (elitists, gurus, priests...) to ravage and divide the world is our own choice. It is a choice based on spinelessness, it is because of fear and people giving away their power, selling their soul to external negatively geared forces, money, greed, fame etc.

The bottom line is, each and every one deserves what they attract until they step up, step out of the illusions, and choose to change. No excuse will make it right, nor will any excuses like blaming others, peer pressure, upbringing, social or environmental conditions help you with your conditioning. No it is you who chooses to attract the darkness into your life rather than living positively with nature and choosing to engage with ethical, enlightened people.

This collective ignorance has resulted in governments and the business world falling under the rule of darkness and dark forces, which are freely allowed to carry out negatively geared, evil and unholy deeds. Thing is, darkness and these dark forces (both people and institutions) have been given all the power and fuel they need (the fear and ignorance of people) to sustain the darkness. Furthermore, it is especially the calculated ingenious failure of state and government models (means of control rather than road to enlightenment) that actually keeps people in negative spirits.

We gave our divine power away long ago, we gave darkness the fuel it needs to stay supreme. Key thing to understand is, that darkness is not the enemy here, it is actually darkness that presents us with an opportunity, the opportunity to change, because without darkness the world would have nothing to learn, nothing to conquer, no evolution to pursue. So, let us not blame darkness for our conditioning, we only have ourselves to blame, and therefore we are also the only fix available.

"Unhappiness, draining of lifeforce, lack of purpose, self-destructive thoughts, depression, sadness, fear in all forms feed the darkness, and there you have it voila, hell on earth has been created and people give it all the fuel it ever needs to effortlessly maintain these conditions."

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"It does not matter how strong and well prepared you are if you have no direction."

Yulia Peralta

The state of modern society is hard to stomach and even feels surreal

Know that everyone can actually examine their own surroundings and come to a similar conclusion. Here is a simple exercise on dialogue (please try to answer intuitively), and then if you have the capacity try expanding your awareness further.

Yes / No

Are the best people in the roles and jobs that would make the best use of them and their skills? And if the answer is no what does that mean to you, your children, your future, the future, decline or progress?

Yes / No

Are politicians, bureaucrats, royalists, corporate leaders and others the best choices to inspire positive change in the world, or do they actually focus on keeping things stale, cold, chaotic, tense, confusing and disorganised? 

Yes / No

Are the people teaching your children or caring for them in kindergarten actually capable of doing this job properly, what is it that they teach, are they the best choice or just the only choice on offer?

Yes / No

What about yourself, are your own habits progressive or destructive, do you actually base your insights and opinions on your heart or your mind. Might you actually be blindly following what the world tells you?

How did this make you feel? This exercise is only a taste, it emphasises the point that dialogue helps us dig deeper, it forces us to open up the doors that we might have kept shut, it forces us to face up to uncertainty and understand that life is an evolving puzzle with you at the heart, at the centre, as only you have the keys to understand your reality.

In my view everyone should be more open and reflect on these types of questions, it is the dialogue individually, as well as collectively, concerning all aspect of life that ultimately helps us find ourselves, our core, our being. Yes, dialogue will make you see disappointing patterns, patterns that concerns both the outside world, and your inner dynamic, as well as the choices you have been making in life. You might start to realise that what you think, believe and want exists due to your own conditioning, which is not acting in your benefit. All the noise , all the promises society gives you, the media show, the political roller-coaster, all the illusions you believe, they are actually failing you. Then you will start to see that society is actually extremely disorganised, unethical, unjust, lacks morale and more, and that this is the core reason for it failing, it does not serve the greater good or generate any positive outcomes in its present form.

Now, that you understand this, the real questions is, where will this concept of society take you, us and the world at large, if it is allowed to continue in this way? Yes exactly, it will keep moving towards an even darker tomorrow, turmoil, war, segregation, disasters, more fear, more pain, more death, these are all to be expected if we do not choose to change our ways. If people keep choosing not to rise up individually and collectively to remove powers that do not serve them or the collective good, the good of the planet and nature, then low vibration will persist. The chaos will continue as long as we let it, as this is what we choose to attract, darkness and turmoil.

This is in simple terms how the universal law of attraction works, we attract what we deserve individually and collectively, nothing less, nothing more. Thus far, over the eons, humanity has chosen to remain a passive and negatively geared entity and force, especially collectively, and this will be what we attract until we detach and break the negative cycle. However, luckily we have been given some support in this present time. As we shift into the Age Of Aquarius, we are at a crossroads, where there is no 'maybe and let's see' choice available anymore. Each and everyone will need to choose their side, either to go with the old conditioning and sink with that ship, or grow the necessary courage to let go and start to embrace the universe, its changing nature, magic and flux.

Let me point out, that this is not a change you make just in your mind and heart, one must also put some serious effort into building a new sustainable tomorrow through detaching from all things and beings that restricts ones freedom (friends, family, jobs, money, country, house, you name it). This will allow you to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix, this is the process for breaking out of the programming, the low vibrating matrix that controls you.

"Every person is of extreme importance when it comes to change, regardless of position, power or origin, because change is a finite thing on both individual and collective level, hence tipping the scales of change might actually require a lot less effort than we imagine, and by knowing this the courage to take a leap into the unknown would likely never go unrewarded."

Niklas Christides