BeTheChange | Society

A functioning society requires communal spirit and sustainable development

Community is the glue and foundation of a functioning society, however over time the concept and ethos of community has largely disappeared from the current model of society, as people are increasingly self-isolating. The need for communal thinking has been gradually suppressed by power, money, selfishness, self-centered thinking, bureaucracy, corruption, business, and many other things. At this moment in time, in 2020, it is becoming evident how fragile human existence is without community, culture, values, gentle acts, love, a healthy planet. We face a real existential crisis, as ultimately life will always prevail and it does not need humans, and therefore we can choose to change or be our own downfall. Our planet and nature in general are great at changing and adapting, but when things go too far they also will take to drastic measure to protect their own interest. For humans to exist in the current scale some drastic structural change are required to society and human ethics, otherwise the future outlook is simply grim, as nature will take its vengeance and punish humanity for its ignorant ways. This section focuses on the rapid and constructive change of society.

There is a need for understanding and rewriting the many dimensions of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship, business and enterprise was designed and meant to be the smart solution for mobilizing the world and guaranteeing productivity and continuous development. Unfortunately, the business and enterprise model has failed to bring balance to the world, instead it has become a breeding ground for selfishness, corruption, exploitation, power games and unethical practice. There are some good entrepreneurs and companies in the world yes, but these are too few to change the world for the better and generally lack the power to do so, why? Because, people choose to support corporations and large companies rather than ethical practitioners. The business world is ruled by a dark and evil force fueled by failed state and government models. These forces are jointly responsible for the world falling on its knees in 2020 through the Corona health crisis. This section addresses the multitude of challenges that the business world is facing, as well as exposing problems and suggesting solutions to help the business world move towards a more aware, sustainable, nature-friendly direction.