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Awareness is all about clear line of sight and vibration, as well as holistic readiness to see what lies beyond the iron ego curtain. Society itself is divided on many levels exactly because of the gap in vibration between different beings. It is important to understand, and learn to see how the world changes around us, and learn learn to understand these changes through our being. Digging deep is useful, as it helps us bring answers to the surface. Everyone is capable of influencing and raising their own level of awareness and vibration, and consequently capable of attracting the type of reality to match that vibration. We ourselves are our best teachers, it only requires five things to get started, honesty, belief, open mind, adaptability and action.

This section discusses openly the subject of awareness, flow and spirit, what it means, and what implications it may have for humanity and Quality Of Life (QOL), both collectively and on personal level. I believe that increased holistic awareness helps us open our heart and discover the deeper meaning of life and aspects like true universal happiness, joy and love, as well as understanding the darkness and shadows associated with subjects such as selfishness, greed, money and materialism.

Because awareness has become a type of new age trend there is plenty of distraction for us to be mindful of, and this is the very reason why we are required to do our internal reflective work vigilantly and with great determination. No stone can be left unturned in our own personal process, if we are to raise our personal vibration. Not everyone will master this in the now, it is a hard job believe me I know, but anyone who is willing to try and puts in the effort, as well as chooses to put themselves to the test will reap the rewards in the long run. Every brave soul capable of embarking on this journey will also have my utmost gratitude, as well as the gratitude of countless other Starseeds, reincarnated here to assist in the raising of awareness of planet earth (Gaia).

On a more personally, I am simply here to bring perspective to those who feel they are on the verge of taking a leap into the unknown, in search of clarity, in search of their true spirit and soul connection. Constructive dialogue is key, and very much needed, I do therefore hope the BTC concept will bring you some of that. Please remember only to take onboard information that resonates with you, the rest you can ignore, it will only feed your ego and superego, namaste.

"Being aware allows us to see who we are inside and what is going on behind the ego curtain."

Niklas Christides

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"A sharp mind will find a truth for itself. A humble spirit will find a truth higher than itself. Truth is not the property of intellectuals, but of those who know how to escape their own selves."

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman

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