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Author │ Niklas Christides

What is our relationship to nature? Are we its friend or foe? I think it is an interesting question, most people will say friend, whilst in actual fact major areas of concern exist that demonstrate lack of respect towards the natural world and universe at large.

I think we can do better and really need to start collectively thinking and acting in the name of sustainability to improve our Quality Of Life (QOL) and show that we respect nature instead of spitting on it. We should be mindful that nature is not fragile and whilst we on a personal level do not need to fear the destruction of the planet, however we should be very concerned about the coping strategies the natural world will choose when we agitated and pushed far enough.

I guess the point is that we humans have certainly not been acting in any respectful manner towards the planet and nature thus far, and therefore the quetion of our fate on this planet shall remain in limbo until we realise that we need to change our ways and idea of society.

'Green thinking is not only a thought, it is us communicating and becoming one with nature physically, mentally, spiritually.'

Niklas Christides

Human lack of common sense is an abomonation

Generally speaking, humans lack common sense and possess many negative qualities like selfishness, greed, self-centered thinking and power hunger. Such qualities seek to exploit rather than nurture, which is why we need to raise the awareness and vibration of humanity to a level that learns to live life through deep understanding and respect for nature.

In my view, someone who respects nature would not seek to exploit and overload it, such a person would first seek to understand what they are dealing with rather than just thinking about the personal riches he or she could gain from exploting it. This does not mean that we could not harness some of the resources nature provides. Obviously we can and should, as it is part of the deal between the universe and life on earth, but we should remember not ever to go too far, and we should be greatful for anything we receive instead of taking things for granted, which is no doubt laregely the current state of our being.

What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.

Mahatma Gandhi

The wicked way of the elite

Nature certainly does not appreciate the bolstering of humanity, how it takes pride in things it calls its greatest achievements, especially when it comes to engineering projects that do not stem from necessity, but rather from lazy lifestyle, elitism, greed, exploitation, corruption etc.

Think about all these examples, what do they represent in your mind?

Skyscrapers in the big cities filling up our skyline, the space they occupy versus the level of use

Major churches, buildings and industrial sites that sit empty most of the time or have been abandoned

Aircraft, ships etc. that stand still or operate half empty

Waste and non-recyclable trash we dump into nature and the sea, for us to live more conveniently

Cars that only drive with one passenger

Retail shops full of goods that will never be sold or used

Food we produce and never consume, pure waste

Is this really respectful behaviour or is it unsustainable selfishness and megalomania? I think even a blind chicken could figure out the answer to that question. In my view, nature has been kind to us, it has been looking by, as we humans exploit almost everything we can get our hands on and even kill each other in the process, which the elite is having a rerun at in 2022 with orchestrating WW3, a war for the singleminded individuals occupying most parts of this earth.

'There are people in government who don't want other people to know what they know. It's just another example of elitism. And I spit on elitism. Show me an elitist, and I'll show you a loser.'

Tom Clancy

Can we change, do we actually have it in us?

Sometimes I wonder why nature has forgiven our absolute and disgusting level of ignorance and left us to our own devices without interfering much. I however do not think this level of mercy will last forever. Even the kindest person on Gaia (Earth) would eventually take action if someone kept exploiting them without ever learning anything, and this is the unfortunate state of our current existence.

'Until the penny drops, there is still time for us to change our ways and broaden our minds, which is why it would make sense to consider and move towards adopting a Think Green mindset and lifestyle generally.'

Niklas Christides

Suggestable Think Green sustainability actions

Individual Consumption Control

Only purchase and use truly necessary clothing, technology, food, drink etc.

Champion Recycling

Recycle everything you can from food to clothing to equipment.

Optimised Resource Usage

Only harvest, mine or gather truly necessary resources to minimise the burden on the planet.

Take Action & Take Charge

Do more yourself, grow plants, learn to repair things etc. to reduce reliance on services and reduce the need for industrial large scale production. Become independent and work to create your own self-made self-sustainable lifestyle without dependency on government and society.

Care & Feel For The Planet

Look after and protect nature, all its creations, plants and animals, treat them as equals to yourself. Do not perform any work ever, that does not have purpose or value, and that burdens the plane.

Grow Holistically & Spiritually

Become a better version of yourself, the version you truly are and you will strenghten your universal connection with nature and all life. This is the path to harmony where all beings can exist side by side without exploiting each other.

'You have to hold yourself accountable for your actions, and that's how we're going to protect the Earth.'

Julia Butterfly Hill

Finding harmoney is purpose enough

I have personally been teaching myself and DolceVitaGlobal Green Thinking mindset and values for over ten years, step by step moving towards a lifestyle that is respectful of the natural world, but still maintaining the standard of life we seek personally (win-win approach). I guess for some the surprising thing would be that I and we, not only feel better for it, but our relationships and curiosity towards nature and the natural world has clearly deepened and is deepening further day by day. 

This approach has also given us much more purpose and meaning in life then just serving customers and others, we are about somehting more, somehting more precious than what the human mind and ego in particular can ever understand. I also realise now that what my previous career could not give was freedom, the ability to be myself and do things that make me happy. Realising that our life and lifestyle choices follow us throughout our lives is so important, understanding this gives our lives much more depth and purpose.

Yes, I know, you are concerned about jobs and income, but trust me in this, start your own sustainable Think Green journey and in time, hopefully quite soon these mundane concerns will resolve themselves. Money is also on the verge of losing its power over us and the world, which is about time, as it is like viper strangling the life out of us. We do not need money to live or keep the world going, we need people who are progressive and not lazy. Money, in actual fact, is one of the major reasons for widespread corruption and why e.g. Quality Of Life (QOL) are not progressing or progressive.

'As long as we choose to be servants of money and greed we will be tidally locked with the ways and values of the underworld.'

Niklas Christides

I know where I am heading, do you?

Finally, I think it is important to mention that I do not believe in collective standardisation when it comes to individual agenda, because people are on different levels, especially spiritually, each and everyone is unique. The important thing is that each and every person would start their own personal journey and take steps towards achieving a green and sustainable life.

Let us not make the same mistakes and copy the disgusting collective punishment models that governments and the elite use, promote and infest globally, why? Because humanity in my view deserves something better, we are just lost at present, but in out hearts we pure (even the blind elite), so let us collectively once and for all conquer our fears and move towards love and compassion. Also, if you feel you have made it further on your awareness journey than your neighbour, help them through offering constructive dialogue, rather than judging them, because judging leads to more suffering, be kind, be gentle, work on being mature not childish in life.

'The Think Green mindset and lifestyle has the potential to unite people and create a new golden age on Gaia, without borders and without servitude to anyone, just free flowing harmony, the way it should be.'

Niklas Christides