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BeTheChange By Niklas Christides

Love is the highest frequency

Author & Release │ Niklas Christides │ 17-09-2022

The alchemy of life is turning everything into love, to ignite the earth through lifting its vibration, it is like birthing a new sun, brilliant and glowing in harmony seen and adored by the rest of the solar system, milky way and beyond. I am not talking about the human twisted superficial love, but universal unconditional love, which is sacred. This is an ongoing quest and a difficult one to say the least, love is not an easy nut to crack for a human.

The key challenge is staying in the love, the frequency, which funnily enough we can get plenty of taste and feel of at times, but staying there, wow that is more difficult than we think. To stay in the highest love vibration we must work on our dark side, our shadows, and the quicker we release and free ourselves the more our capability rises to stay in the love, the love vibration, the freedom plain, as explained in the UNIQU SOULFLOW theory.

Life is about lessons, but also understanding that not all lessons are for us, at times it is important to sit back and just observe as well, to realise what is going on around us, to see the bigger picture, because without it there is no hope of freeing oneself, it takes all aspects.

"Your heart must become a sea of love. Your mind must become a river of detachment."

Sri Chinmoy

Rise and elevation

Rising to the highest vibration on the planet, universal and unconditional love, we must endure the countless tests set out for us. This is particularly true in our relationships, as one cannot own the other or anything for that matter, why? Because it is not theirs to claim. For this particular reason most of our relationships are karmic in a negative way when it comes to partners, friends, siblings, relatives, business partners, colleagues etc. Simply so that we could learn to detach and love ourselves and eventually everything unconditionally.

Soul partners and family are the ones we often choose to share our journey with after facing our shadows and demons, and especially when we have made some progress on the initial healing of our blocks and trauma. These souls vibrate like a dance and recognise, attract and find each other especially when it is time to truly raise our game and enjoy life, to bring to the surface the true happiness and unconditional love we have been keeping locked away behind our ego show.

"Detachment is not about refusing to feel or not caring or turning away from those you love. Detachment is profoundly honest, grounded firmly in the truth of what is."

Sharon Salzberg

The art of detachment

Always remember to embrace everything, seriously I mean it, it is no joke. Every minute and moment, as well as experience and feeling regardless of how difficult it is or was, is so much more than we realise (because lower vibration does not show us the bigger picture).

Being grateful for all the lessons is part of detaching, it is where we start understanding that everything happens for a reason and that we do not need to control or especially own anything. Letting go of the game of life and going with the flow is the most beautiful thing about creating, to be one with life, with the universe, this is when our best life will come to us, and there is no need to chase anything (law of attraction and deeper meaning of causality).

"Detachment does not mean non-involvement. You can be deeply involved but not entangled."

Jaggi Vasudev

Maintaining happiness and unconditional love takes honesty, guts and attitude

Bringing body, mind, heart and soul into balance and alignment ultimately makes us free and detached from the programming, illusions fed to us by our ego, but it certainly is not easy and every soul undergoes their own journey. However, this same freedom state of being is where the true magic happens, the freedom plain is the frequency of unconditional love, the frequency of harmony and abundance on earth.

For me life is and has always been a miracle and sacred, and I really think anyone can raise their game to come to the same realisation. It is important that we do not let this opportunity pass us by, as it can be truly magical if you let things be and show themselves, their true nature, you will be bedazzled I promise you.

"Living our best life is the hobby we came here to enjoy."

Niklas Christides

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