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BeTheChange  The only real constant in life

Niklas Christides, the voice behind the BTC BeTheChange concept strongly believes that our collective duty in life is to develop ourselves, as well as support and inspire society and the collective to change and evolve, to expand their horizons through critical mature thinking and positively geared action. Only through people becoming courageous enough to stand firm against supressing forces can we create a healthy framework for global and ultimately universal continuous improvement and development, which enables sustainability. BTC is a platform for Niklas to share his own thoughts, experience, findings, insights, as well as realisations from all the amazing dialogue and personal reflection he has encountered in life.

Niklas believes it is important in life to recognise and interact with people who share similar values, authenticity, deep root insight, honesty, openness, harmony, life experience, sustainable thinking and awareness, as well as obviously pure ethics and morale. Dialogue with such people, who share these values, ensures we may openly and seamlessly evolve our thinking and effortlessly share information that is multidimensional, constructive, critical, insightful and progressive, which in turn will release much needed positive energy into the world.

"Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile."

Abu Bakr

Spirit & Flow │ Our journey towards depth and balance in life

Awareness is strongly linked with the bigger picture and ability to imagine and see the world and universe with a different pair of binoculars, as well as respect the fact that people and nature go about their life on many very different wavelengths (vibration). Good news is that everyone can influence and enhance their own level of awareness, all it takes is courage, patience and resilience. Furthermore, one of the best things is, when we learn to appreciate the many mystical aspects of life, we also understand that no one single person could ever reach such a conscious space that they no longer need to learn anything new. Openness, flow and adaptability are key for coping, observing and learning from our changing world.

Awareness has also become a trend of sorts, which is a good thing, because the subject is talked about more. On the other hand, as with most things it has its unfortunate downside as well, as this massive subject and messages associated with it tend to be very distorted, due to the lack of holistic insight. My aim is to help people approach awareness, spirit and flow constructively, focusing on holistic perspective and insight.

I like to point out and remind people that the world is full of people who have elevated themselves to the position of guru or seer, which often is the opposite to awareness and flow. These types of people usually channel their energy to pursue their conscious, as well as unconscious (ego or superego illusions) personal (negatively geared) interests and agendas, rather than acting in the interest of the greater good, evolution of self, community and social development, as well as progression of consciousness. People should be mindful of this and careful not to be too blue-eyed when it comes to spirit, flow and awareness, because this subject obviously entertains both positive and negative dimensions, out of which the negative dimension is largely a by-product of human fear, selfishness, greed and negligence.

I personally believe that the path to true happiness and unconditional love requires us to vibrate higher through expanding our awareness and consciousness, which subsequently will bring balance and harmony into our lives. Therefore, balancing of body, mind, heart and soul is key, as illustrated in the UNIQU SOULFLOW theory.

Understanding and eventually learning to listen to intuition is key in life. High vibration means attracting our souls desires.

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Are we truly free or do we just entertain the illusion of freedom? Freedom is a much broader concept than we know.

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Harmonic and orderly chaos is the spirit of nature and the universe, it is something we must learn to understand and appreciate to grow.

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Existence and life is much more complex than we can even start to comprehend, understanding this is how one allows the magic to surface.

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Who are we, what lies inside our avatar, beyond the physical entity, and what is our purpose, are we starseeds and stardust.

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"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

Carl Jung

Practice & Insight │ Practical skill, theory, philosophy and awareness

Skills and competency are critical building blocks in the game of life because they are core enablers in the physical realm for progress, growth, evolution and development. Whilst collective teaching is a good idea on paper and can work in some areas of life, the corrupt and power-seeking nature of humanity, especially the elitist part of society, has in fact hindered the organic development of our skills and competence in exchange for control and monetary reward.

The best people are not in the roles and jobs they should be in. Why? Because institutions and their power-control agenda prevents people from partially or completely getting into positions where they would be happy and naturally make a positive impact on the world and evolution at large. Self-taught is therefore often a much more effective, adaptable, open, and in all respects a better option for learning than a person trained through our institutionalised outdated system.

Recognising the gaps and needs for change and continuous development to safeguard and enable continuity for progressive no bias knowledge, education and skills transfer to take place is more crucial then even. People and the world have the right to develop and evolve organically, where each persons is given the opportunity to put their skills to optimal use, where they are given the opportunity unlock their true full potential in this lifetime.

"Confidence is deciding you're unstoppable - not that you'll never fail."

Tom Bilyeu

Society & Ego │ Functionality, community and sustainable development

Community and unity is the glue of a functioning society, but over time it has been largely weeded out of the present preferred democratic model of both culture and society. The notion of community has been replaced and destroyed by power, money, selfishness, greed, self-centeredness, bureaucracy, corruption, government, states, companies, and of course people themselves. Right now, it is important to realize that without community, culture, values, care and love, the earth and with it life will find a way to destroy itself.

The natural world is good at adapting and humans are nothing but a speck of dust in the universe, which also makes it safe to assume that nature is not particularly dependent on our presence and efforts. To survive we must smarten up and understand the rules of the universe and nature better, this is why society and human attitudes require great structural change. Without community and unity our future prospects truly seem bleak, nature will do its job when it sees fit and punish humanity for its ignorance and negligence if we do not change our ways.

Nothing will change unless we dare to face up to task, all the countless cowards from kings and queens to heads of state and CEOs should never have been given the power to govern or control any aspect of humanity endeavour, because it has pawed the way for all the unnecessary hardship the world has to battle with and endure for as long as we can remember.

"Taxation is the price we pay for failing to build a civilized society. The higher the tax level, the greater the failure. A centrally planned totalitarian state represents a complete defeat for the civilized world, while a totally voluntary society represents its ultimate success."

Mark Skousen

Nature & Life │ Respect and rational use of natural resources

Respecting nature and its awesome power, why is it so difficult for people? Respect for nature is the single most important integral value, because we owe it our lives. Nature and the universe provided us the framework of existence and life, which most modern age humans seem to have completely forgotten. Man is not a god or extension of god in low vibration, and man will never be greater than nature, no matter how much we wish for it. The logical thing, therefore, would be to act in a way that does not abuse or burden nature unnecessarily, all other approaches to life and way of life lack the necessary respect and grace, and rather represent negligence and selfishness. Sustainable life can only be achieved through sustainable thinking and action, and wisest of beings would surely argue that we owe it to the planet and our creators.

It is obvious to anyone studying or understanding anything of social and socioeconomic development that well over half of everything we produce, supply, engage in or develop is unnecessary. This applies to food, housing, mobility, work, entrepreneurship and many other aspects of life and lifestyle. This is precisely the reason why the world we humans have created is facing enormous challenges. We ourselves are all to blame for not having the vision and courage to see what evil forces we have unleashed through governments, industry and generally our obsession for power and control through ego.

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"Humanity must step up its game if it is to repair and move the relationship between man and nature towards something progressive, organic, seamless and sustainable."

Niklas Christides

Niklas, visionary soul behind BTC concept

Ever since I was very young, I have been passionate about understanding the world, the universe, everything really. Be The Change is sort of my interpretation of the world at large and message to all open minded individuals out there who feel that there is more to life than we can simply see, hear, touch and feel. My duty in simple, to help the earth shift consciousness (3D to 5D to 7D and beyond).

My message to all you friends out there is, always stay true to yourself and your path, we are all unique universal masterpieces, each and everyone of us. Let your higher self guide you so that you unlock your true potential and creative awesomeness. Be brave and move beyond the low vibration programming keeping you chained in negativity (science, society, toxic relationships, beliefs, subservience...)

"Life was given to us to see what lies beyond, to truly appreciate the divine, as well as each and every soul in their own time and space, working on their thing at their own pace."

Niklas Christides

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SOULFLOW Theory & UNIQU Services

The UNIQU Mastermind concept, based on SOULFLOW Tree-Of-Life theory, will help you dwell deeper into yourself in a progressive and controlled way to assist your ascension, if you are up to it that is.

"Facing ourselves and our demons is not always easy, and each soul has their own plan, but it is worth remembering that curiosity is a virtue in this world, and therefore even having a peak, the courage to look up, may trigger a change, it may be the beautiful beginning of something new, refreshing, as well as exciting."

Niklas Christides