Our Story

Dolce Vita Global was founded in 2015 by Niklas and Rocco. We have always had a passion for high quality food and all the joy that comes with it, ever since we met in Helsinki Finland in 1996. Whilst we had discussed our ideas over the years, we never really found a good opening to make this a reality.

Things took a turn in 2014 when we met in Croatia and started toying with the prospect of re-searching food supply opportunities in more detail to see if there was a market gap for us. Rocco being based in Croatia and regularly visiting his home country Italy and Niklas being based in the UK and regularly visiting Finland made things more viable and allowed us to initially focus on international trade, which is when things really started taking shape.

We visited a number of vineyards and regional producers in Croatia throughout 2015, which ultimately inspired us to go ahead with our plans to setup Dolce Vita Global Limited and start supplying both food and health products. We initially started with supplying salts to our Nature and You Health Shops in Helsinki. Since then we have significantly diversified our offering and constantly looking to add to our wine, food, herbs, supplements, and drinks product ranges. Our aim is to test products in the UK through use of food markets and events after which we are looking to setup and launch our first DVG Deli and Health Shop + Cafe in 2018.

For us food is a passion, which is why we aim to fully control and own our supply chain, therefore avoiding use of middle men. Working with producers directly allows us to understand their production methods better and bring the stories of the producers to our customers. We feel it is important to educate people about food and the positive impacts that high quality food can have on peoples lives, as well as making it a social experience. To do this effectively we have launched our KYI 'Know Your Ingredients' initiative which will help engage the community. We are keen to bring a lot of different and interactive content to our customers to better share our passion, which in turn will help us bring a diverse food experience to all people across Europe and the world.

Our slogan ‘Creating Happiness’ is the simplest way of explaining what we are looking to achieve, we want to inspire people to enjoy the great things nature has to offer regarding food, and consequently salute the magnificent cultural diversity you can find across Europe and beyond. We hope people will share our enthusiasm and help us build a truly unique food experience.


Niklas Christides - Business Management and Retail expert from Finland

Rocco Parisi - Supply Chain and International Relations expert from Croatia

Background and Vision

‘A unique international business model based on passion for food and health, and focused on creating happiness

Quality Commitment

‘We only ever supply products where we can track both quality and origin, certificates are not what we look for, it is understanding the way that companies produce their products that allows us to trust them or not’

Community Focus

We are a community, our suppliers, partners and customers share our passion, together we make the world a healthier more enjoyable place’

Sustainable Business

‘In today’s volatile world business practice is key, this is why our operations are managed by HICCS who specialise in business management and sustainability’

Support and Advice

‘The voice our suppliers, partners and customers is vital to our success, mutually constructive feedback is required if we are to keep innovating and evolving

Collaboration and Partners

‘In this new age we want to encourage collaboration, anyone (private person or business) who wants to work with us should get in touch to see how we can help each other’