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   NaY #NatureAndYou   - 'Your Health and Wellness Shop At Home'

NaY #NatureAndYou - 'Your Health and Wellness Shop At Home'

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MAG #DVGMagazine - 'Latest News and Updates'

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TWE #TheWineExperience - 'Special Moments In Life'

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KSB #KitchenSaloonBed - 'The Ultimate Social'

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EAC #EventsAndCatering - 'Book Us Today'

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KYI #KnowYourIngredients - 'Knowledge Can Make You Healthier'

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EGR #EverydayGourmetRecipes - 'The Best Real Nutritious Food'

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  Food and Drink Range

Food and Drink Range

For us food and drink is the fundamental 1st pillar for achieving a fruitful and healthy life, we bring you the produce you always dreamed of.

  Wine Range

Wine Range

The 2nd pillar is Wine, as it is beneficial for us when consumed in moderation, as well as an absolutely vital ingredient in the cooking process.

  Health Products Range

Health Products Range

Our 3rd pillar is formed of health products and supplements, which help us balance the body and ensure we stay strong and healthy over time.

3 pillars of wellbeing:

  1. Food & Drink - provides necessary nutrients and energy to stay active
  2. Wine - nourishes the soul and adds depth to our food
  3. Health - supports the body in areas where food and drink is not sufficient

We work closely with producers to ensure products meet our quality standards at all times.

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing or distribution. We have the necessary channels and supply all across Europe if required. We are also keen to establish new local partnerships with companies who are keen to promote people's health and wellbeing (coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, health shop, therapy service providers, health clubs etc.). Particular interest in companies from UK, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Croatia, and Italy, other countries in the EU may be taken into consideration.