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Simply the best organic and pure deli products from across the world

This section is all about indulgence, the best organic ingredients for every home, professional kitchen or bakery. With these products, you will make your kitchen flourish whilst at the same time promoting your health, body, mind and soul holistically. Bon appetite, let us take your cooking and baking experience to the next level.

Authentic Handmade Italian Pasta

Authentic Italian pasta from high-quality Italian durum wheat is a taste experience in itself. The higher the ingredient quality, the better the body, especially stomach and intestines, are able to process and break down the food. It is worth mentioning that you get the best pasta taste by using plenty of high-quality mineral-rich salt in your pasta water. Not to worry, only a fraction of the salt added to the water is actually absorbed into the pasta itself, so there is nothing to panic about and this is actually a great method for transporting much needed minerals into our body. Remember, you can use the pasta water for your sauces when boiling high-quality pasta, it is a great method for replacing cream or similar substances used in sauces.

Italian Specials

Deli products from our small producers represent that very real and authentic gourmet food that is so hard to find these days. Everything is produced with a big heart and artisan soul, as well as obviously focusing on quality rather than just quantity and profit. The range may vary depending on the availability of raw materials and therefore these products tend to be available in limited quantities.

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Hemp Products


Why choose our hemp products?

Hemp products are not only excellent in taste, they help you get healthier with every meal. Key ingredients for promoting health are proteins, fibre and Omega-3-6-9 fatty acids, they also help the body digest other ingredients like wheat, as well as provide significant assistance in the burning of fat, which means you can create healthier snacks and dishes. It is also important to realize that the quality of hemp is paramount for both taste and health benefits. The amount of sun (sun days) is the biggest factor influencing the quality of hemp, which is why our hemp products originate from Croatia, where there are more than 250 sunny days a year. Furthermore the healthy soil, clean water, as well as environment provide our hemp the necessary conditions and perfect microclimate for year on year healthy organic harvests.

The products are completely natural and free of chemicals such as preservatives and additives. No chemical pesticides are used in cultivation.

All our hemp products are made from Finola hemp quality, which has excellent nutritional values. They contain almost all the nutrients a person needs in optimal proportions, omega-3-6-9 fatty acids (including "super-fatty acids" GLA and SDA), easily digestible proteins and all the essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins and dietary fibre we require in our daily diet.

Our hemp products are suitable for gluten-free, vegan and raw diets.