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Creating Happiness

Our products, services, as well as events and travel are designed to create and inspire feelings and moments of genuine happiness globally. Enhancing Quality of Life [QoL] for our customers is key, and we believe that this can be achieved through inspiring a healthy, exiting and balanced lifestyle. There are many ways of sharing joy in this world and our aim is to achieve mastery in creating happiness, this is why Dolce Vita Global sparked into life in 2015.

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Nature and You Eco-Food-Drink-Wine

Authentic, clean, organic, tasty

We only distribute the highest quality locally produced ingredients and products across Europe. The origin and who we work with makes all the difference, which is why we focus our resources on ensuring we are fully content and familiar with the product origin, as well as production methods before we allow a product into our assortment.

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Radiant People Selection

Home of natural beauty

Carefully selected natural beauty, cosmetics, skincare and spa products to fully support your skin and wellness. We also supply ingredients for 'do it yourself' cosmetics, as well as recommend trying our highest quality essential oils suitable for (amongst other things) skincare and aromatherapy.

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Long Life Platform Service Concept

Next gen virtual health service

We focus on quality and affordability, which is why we have chosen to move towards a virtual health service with focus on nutrition, health, wellness, mind, and meditation. We have a detailed selection process to ensure all our partners meet our quality standards and that they share our passion for supporting people in questions relating to their overall health and wellbeing.

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HICCSGLOBAL Business and Career Solutions

Power Through Awareness

Home of new age EVOLVE impact learning, knowledge share, innovative thinking, continuous development and people centered leadership education. Our HIRE service and TECH solutions are targeted and tailored for individual growth, as well as private and public sector optimal support. The ORBIT personal development journey is designed to improve and evolve candidate and employer matching accuracy. HICCS is also the go to provider for specialist, sustainable staffing and recruitment solutions.

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Infinite Life

Join the happiness revolution

The DVG Marketplace is a ground breaking concept in that it unites the social and professional world, why? Because Quality of Life [QoL] comes from balancing and finding harmony between social and work life. This has always been the case, but unfortunately the corporate world has kept these two entities separate for commercial reasons. We say 'no more', and we will take every step necessary to help the world understand that happy people in social and work life are also the most productive and valuable in business.

So, join us on our quest to bring more light to this world and follow us as we work on removing the dark forces that have a grip and block people from achieving Quality of Life [QoL] 

If you share our view and want to be part of creating a sustainable world for all people, not only the rich and self-centered. Whether you feel mistreated, misplaced or un-supported in life by your peers, government or workplace, join our community and the happiness revolution.

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