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Enjoying a cup of quality tea or coffee can be the best moment of the day if you allow yourself, body and mind, to calm down and truly relax. It can also help us reflect on our day or support our deeper thoughts.

Herbal tea is simply exquisite and probably the healthiest thirst quencher when enjoyed cold across the day. Tea is all about variety as well, because different teas can match different gender, age, mood, health and even times of the day. Tea is also a logical choice because it relatively inexpensive and does not burden nature and the planet as much as production of other types of drinks. High quality tea can be brewed for 1-24 hours, which is when you receive all the health benefits from the herbs and spices. Tea with long brew can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-5 days depending variety and it can be used in cooking in the same way we use wine.

Fusion-Tea | Specialist OFK tea range made with artisan skill and passion


MyStyle Tea | Tailored tea blends for you

    Per Diem World Tea | Lovely day-to-day tea to be enjoyed at home or at work


    My Name Tea | Teas with your own name or personal message 

      Traditional Herbal Tea | Awesome organic single herb tea