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Community, unity, togetherness, as well as progressive and sustainable life

The MyLife Lifestyle Summit events series is a unique concept through which we aim to share information, knowledge and experience that help us discover and get in touch with the holy grail of life. We, as a progressive community, dedicate our lives to exploring and understanding crucial lifestyle factors and decisions that contribute t o our QoL (Quality of Life) and level of happiness.

Our events focus on the holistic idea of progressive and sustainable lifestyle, which is why sharing knowledge, experience, tools and solutions is vital for our success. To inspire constructive change in people requires us to holistically understand our body, mind, heart and soul. Life is evolution and everyone can learn to change and adapt their lives in a way that makes it truly valuable to oneself and through this process of self-discovery valuable for others as well.

MyLife Lifestyle Summit events are free of charge and the initiative has been developed in conjunction with our key partners, why? Because Dolce Vita Global is all about making a difference in the world and what better way is there to be socially responsible than to share at least some of our understanding and knowledge with people all around the world. 

We do naturally rely heavily on the support and engagement of our customers and therefore hope that any content that you like you share with family, friends or colleagues who might find it useful.

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13:00-16:30 (Time Zone GMT+3)

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MyLife Lifestyle Summit events structure


The heart and soul of our events, watch the content that you feel is most relevant to you. Presentations, interviews, discussions and other creative content.


Charismatic and real, authentic people who speak their mind and from the heart. Life is a big mystery, to open the gates to our soul requires us to answer difficult questions.


Watch all the video content online from your own sofa or office when it suits you. Majority of the videos will be shared and available through the DVG MyLife YouTube Channel.

MyLife Lifestyle Summit 2021-1-ENG program

Event Date | Saturday 15.5.2021 | 13:00-16:30 (Time Zone GMT+3)

We use Zoom video service, which allows you to move freely between rooms and follow the content that suits you the best.

'To connect with our soul, we should focus on your core, listen to your heart, and do what we enjoy the most'

Secrets to meaningful life - Niklas Christides - 2020

MyLife On The Day

Presenting Our Host For The Day

Niklas Christides will be running the show. He will be talking with our guests, as well as presenting the material released on the Dolce Vita Global MyLife YouTube channel as part of the event.

General Theme

Event and MyLife concept will be introduced, as well as guest speakers. What are we trying to achieve and why? The importance of community, unity, togetherness and progressive attitude, how can we DolceVitaGlobal, as a community improve the world together with our partners, followers, customers and clients.

MyLife Video Portfolio

What Is Freedom Panel

Our panel trio, Niklas, Mika and Aapo share their insights on the grand subject of freedom and what it means to them...


#Freedom #Courage #Curiosity #Flow #Divine #Heart #Soul #Mind

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Niklas ChristidesMika HeinonenAapo Summanen 

Surrender To Power Panel

Check out this mind-blowing panel discussion on surrendering to power. Our panel trio, Niklas, Victoria and Aapo is on fire and you can really sense the energy flow...


#Power #Divine #Courage #Flow #Heart #Soul #Mind #Body

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Niklas ChristidesVictoria Rader │ Aapo Summanen

Self-Image And Confidence Talk

Absolutely fascinating talk on self-image and how we should approach this subject that touches all aspects of our lives. Our panel duo, Niklas and Minja, also explore the role of confidence, which has an important role to play in our perception of who we are...


#Selfimage #Flow #Confidence #Love #Heart #Soul #Mind #Body

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Niklas Christides │ Minja Zeus

Understanding Addiction

Inspiring talk on understanding addiction with Minja and Zeke who discuss how easily addiction can creep into life and start changing our very approach towards life, ourselves and our surroundings. Zeke also performs her latest song live as well, amazing...


#Addiction #Change #Lifestyle #Choice #Confidence #Love #Heart #Mind

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Minja Zeus │ Zeke Vaarala

Sacred Sexuality

Very energetic talk on sacred sexuality. Aapo on Saija explore the potential and power of sexuality and how it can help us bring to surface our inner beauty, engage with our senses and connect with our body at a higher and deeper level...


#Sexuality #Sensuality #Body #Energy #InnerBeauty #Relaxation #Wellness

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Aapo Summanen │ Saija Lentonen

Organ Clock

Deep diving interview on the organ clock and how it works. This interview explains the key properties and deeper purpose of the organ clock, how it can help us balance and bring flow to our lives...


#OrganClock #Time #ChineseMedicine #NaturalLiving #Choice #Mind

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Minja Zeus │ Zayki Chang