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High-quality dried herbs and spices play an integral role in any healthy diet, and more importantly they are also natural remedies. Our wide selection includes only the best organic herbs and spices from across the world. We make sure all ingredients stem from regions with favorable natural and bio-dynamic growth conditions, which in turn guarantees the most complete mineral, vitamin and fatty acid composition.

OFK Royal-Blend | Inspirational artisan gourmet spice blends


Explore the unique aromas of the world

The best and highest quality spices from across the world, authentic, full of flavour, and packed with antioxidants, natural minerals, vitamins, as well as fatty acids. All you need to transform both the taste of your food and Quality of Life (QoL), as spices are the real backbone of our health and wellbeing together with natural minerals, herbs and honey.

High-quality spices transform the taste of our food and drinks, but also protects our body from external threats, as they effectively support the body holistically and hence promote our well-being. Herbs and spices also promote the natural cleansing of our body, you could say it is like an ongoing natural detox.

Our online store offers a wide range of ingredients, namely from the Mediterranean, Asian, Indian, Thai and Scandinavian kitchen. Our delicious spice salt blends combine the health benefits of spices with high quality unrefined mineral rich sea salt.

Our founders Niklas and Rocco tend to say that herbs represent the spirit in food and spices its soul, therefore it is important that herbs and spices are used in cooking in many ways, one does not work without the other.

Spice World | Gourmet spices to awaken your senses


OFK Royal-Blend | Inspirational artisan gourmet herb blends


Herb Garden | Highest quality herb selection for cooking, tea and drinks


Flower Joy | Highest quality flower selection for cooking, tea and drinks


Peppercorn Range | Small in quantity yet great in virtue


Chili Kickers | Bringing some lovely heat into cooking


Hemp Bliss | Tasty , healthy, simple and easy to use


Why should you choose our herbs and spices?

The quality of herbs and spices not only affects aroma and taste, but also has a positive impact on our health. When it comes to spices, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish high from low quality based on taste alone. The best herbs and spice originate from natural conditions, where sunlight, favorable climatic, as well as healthy environment are major contributors towards quality. Bulk spices and herbs that are cheap, are sure to be of poor nutritional value, so do not let your eyes and taste fool you.

Furthermore, low quality ingredients may also contain harmful impurities and additives, farming and harvesting methods are ofthe also questionable. Be aware that high-quality ingredients should not be used in same quantities as lower-quality ones, as they are more potent.