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Home of inspirational enhanced learning, knowledge, innovation, continuous improvement and progressive change in support of evolving business and society. Our service offering is adaptive and designed to support individuals, companies and the public sector. At HICCS we are committed and passionate about excelling human and business potential in general, we do not believe in single minded focus, but rather emphasise the importance of perspective and context. Perspective and context is best gained through careful observation, cross industry practice and openness to all that the world and differnt cultures (even ancient) have to offer. This is what gives us our edge compared to other providers in this field. Each conversation and client relationship helps us improve and it is this continuous improvement drive that progressively strengthens our solution and delivery quality.

'Do not think you know, stay curious instead and harness the power of openess and the continous expansion of your horizon.'

Niklas Christides

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Leadership Coaching 60min

Would you like to improve your personal or team leadership skills, as well as quality of delivery, or just boost your line management capability? If so, you should talk to us. We are seasoned leadership development and capability experts who make a difference on individual or team level. Our aim is to inspire and speed up our clients self-improvement and personal growth journey, as well as build-up both charisma and necessary soft skills to become next generation Future-Fit leader.

39.00 €

    Strategy Coaching 60min

    Improve your project management skills and increase the accuracy and edge of your strategic thinking and planning. Whether your projects or leadership is in crisis, in need of reform or simply need refreshing, we can help you increase efficiency, improve the balance and flow, as well as introduce agile methods and deep rooted right first time philosophy.

    39.00 €

      Awareness Coaching 60min

      Do you ever feel like you want to be closer to the world and understand it better? Our Awareness Coaching is specifically designed to answer these types of questions, it helps our clients see the bigger picture and tackle broader concepts. Awareness is all about edge and deeper understanding of both ourselves and our environment. Everything in life starts from within, from ourselves, and we strive to open it up for you to help you unlock your hidden potential. The holistic aim is to guide our clients towards balance, as well as deepen the connection of mind, body, heart and soul.

      39.00 €

        Career Coaching 60min

        Are you facing a planned or unexpected career change? We can help you with your recruitment needs, CV writing and interview preparation, as well as help you manage your career path in general. We teach adaptability and change management and assist in contract termination wherever necessary. We approach each case flexibly and strive to create every opportunity for the career change to progress smoothly. If necessary we can open new doors and recommend people or businesses to talk to from our wide international network.

        29.00 €

          Soft Skills Coaching 60min

          These days, soft skills are more important than we even understand, they are seen as a crucial element for measuring suitability and matching people to organisations. Soft skills hold major weight compared to hard skills, which is why they have such a massive influence on our careers and career paths. We are here to help you better understand and develop your own soft skills and competency profile, and to learn about the dynamics that make up who you are.

          39.00 €

            Sales Coaching 60min

            Are you experiencing problems with sales efficiency and productivity or changing market conditions?  We can coach, guide and provide perspective on sales techniques, sales channel optimisation, building a strong sales force or transformation of your operational framework to deliver both stronger sales and results drive.

            39.00 €

              Courage Coaching 60min

              Courage should not be taken for granted, as it is an increasingly difficult skill and attitude to acquire, why? Because, society is pushing for life to become more and more pre-planned and predictable, simple and let's face it just plain easy.  Courage coaching focuses on strengthening self-image, communication, facing up to people and challenges, as well as empowering people to trust, believe, and most importantly be proud of who and what they are.

              39.00 €

                Young Gun Coaching 60min

                Coaching for young people under the age of 26, which aims to support and help create clarity about one's own weaknesses, strengths, competencies, abilities and potential. Coaching prepares young people to face up to challenges and find their own path to both success and happiness in life.

                14.90 €

                  Tailored Coaching 60min

                  Would you like to define your needs yourself, why not discuss it with us and setup coaching tailored to the need of a specific employee or a small team. We have the ability to bring together different aspect from our coaching and business solutions portfolio to ensure we deliver a fit for purpose solution for you both effectively, professionally and fitting to your organisation culture.

                  39.00 €

                    Coaching Team

                    Visionary, speaker, educator, coach, change champion, empowerment and Future-Fit leadership expert, strategy and risk management specialist, and passionate promoter of agile business, process and practice.

                    Niklas Christides

                    Change and Growth Champion


                    International supply chain cooperation, development and enhancement, product design and development, internal and external communication, cultural values, ethics, workforce and young people training and coaching.

                    Rocco Parisi

                    International Relations and Trade