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Home of next gen impact learning, knowledge share, innovative thinking, continuous development and evolving leadership. Our services and solutions are targeted and tailored to suite both private and public sector providers. HICCS is also the go to provider for specialist, sustainable staffing and recruitment solutions. Our ORBIT personal development journey is designed to improve and evolve candidate and employer matching accuracy.

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Your global business and career experts

Our team of global business and career experts committed to bring you an optimised outsourcing service. Utilise our team for coaching, training, e-learning, leadership and personal development, strategy formulation, project management, supply-chain governance... name the subject we have the capability to make your business or career flourish. Best of all we focus on affordability and added value, which means you always get more than you bargain for.

Business Solutions HIRE + TECH

Outsourcing made simple and optimal

Challenging times globally forces us to constantly evolve and change. One thing we feel is burdening business is staffing, especially the qualitative risk and associated cost, which is why we focus on Return On Value (ROV). Our Business Solutions offer both outsourcing opportunities (subject specific expert talent) and technological solutions to improve and evolve internal infrastructure. Our Business Solutions save money through reducing risk and fixed costs, and as a bonus your business is evolving in its awareness, readiness, sustainability and governance.

EVOLVE E-Learning

Learn, evolve, and grow your awareness

We bring you a new age subscription based E-learning concept, no more dull and boring speakers, that's the aim. For us it is all about charisma and practical application. Our international speakers and trainers have been carefully selected with special focus on the ability to inspire and engage people. Our interactive E-Panel and E-Interviews provide a different perspective to the subjects through constructive dialogue. 

ORBIT Skills Development

Become the best you can be

ORBIT is our soft skills personal development journey based on our 6-20 Revolution Competency Framework. The ORBIT tool-pack allows you to review your own competency dynamic, which in turn can be matched to employers. ORBIT has very high candidate to employer matching impact rate. If you want a successful career you should look at ORBIT as your ticket for getting there.

Fusion-Ops Revolution In Business

Changing the face of business management

The future requires us to evolve, change our perspective, and especially optimise how we do things. Fusion-Ops is a holistic business management model aimed at breaking down and removing waste, both machine an human, in business including obsolete leadership positions. The aim is to bring more machine and self-learning, as well as artificial intelligence into the business world, which will pave the way for a brighter future for all.

Fusion-Ops Magazine

Our overview on how we and our founder Niklas Christides sees the future of business management, leadership and operations. The magazine provides an illustration of 'The Business Atom' which lies at the center and represents the fundamental principals of the Fusion-Ops model.

Fusion-Ops has been designed in 2015

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