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The aim of Fusion-Ops is to help people engage and become interested in the wider context of business, management and leadership. One of the biggest challenges with communicating what 'Operations' or 'Business Management' is, is the share complexity of it. For this very reason, our founder and author of Fusion-Ops Niklas Christides chose to approach understanding business from a birds-eye big picture view, rather than using  the common outdated approach of speaking about the different elements or units of business in isolation (Finance, HR, SCM...).

'Organic, optimised and seamless should be the overriding aim of everything we do and create, it is the only way of truly achieving tranquility in business and the world, efficiency and evolution without money'

Niklas Christides


Since I (Niklas Christides) was about 13 years old I have been driven by the curiosity to understand how things work in both business and the wider world, and why people do the things they do the way they do. This curiosity has over time shaped and influenced my view of what a 'Healthy' society, business and operating model actually means and should look like, which in turn triggered me to create the Fusion-Ops model and write the magazine as an introduction to the concept.

The beauty of Fusion-Ops is that I wanted to make difficult things easy to understand and interpret. Also, the aim is not to go on this journey alone, we want to engage people and community to interact, help us ask the hard questions, as well as contribute through feedback on different business subjects and topics. Where appliacable I will look to provide recommendations on proposed best practice. A functioning community needs to be honest and credibile, and I believe that this is where the true value and relevance of the Fusion-Ops model comes in, as it proidves us with a solid, seamless and universally mature business management best practice principal.

Fusion-Ops Magazine

This is your introduction to the future of business management and operational efficiency and sustainability. Imagine a world where you have one seamless operation regardless of organisation size, not some stone age departmentalised, slow to react, bulk hierarchy, corruption bound approach that eats up ridiculous amount of resource. 

No, this is not a dream world, it is the world of Fusion-Ops, the world we help you imagine and create around you.

Obviously we recognise that nothing happens in a blink of an eye, but it is still intriguing to think that if our founder and designer of Fusion-Ops, Niklas Christides, some five years ago had the ability to see the possibilities, why couldn't you? All it takes is to take a look around, as well as in the mirror, and then ask yourself? Has anyone around me, especially management, actually contributed much towards progression, the evolution and / or the growth of the organisation or society. When we look for the answer deep down we start to see the truth emerging, and this truth is complacency through ignorance and fear. It is not only present in organisations, it can easily be spotted in social behaviour, politics, governments...

Do not fear change ever,  as change is a gift

When one accepts that there is a possibility of a different future it is time to read Fusion-Ops, it will give you a push to start thinking outside of the box, to use your mind for what it was built, the art of creating and processing complex ideas and thoughts.

That is what we mean by unlocking the future, to help people become a progressive force in a positive wave of change. The realisation that nothing of what we see around us today will have much anything to do with what we deal with in the future is sometimes difficult to deal with. Why is this our outlook? Because we humans have the ability to evolve and create at an rate that is 10s of times more rapid to our present development rate, which is already rapid by the way. Faster evolution will make things of the past obsolete quicker in terms of added value and best practice, only the history will remain, which is how it should be because the future does not live in the past, it lives in the now.

So, now ask yourself, why should we sit here and dwell in an in-efficient present when we have the ability to build a state of the art future instead, the one we were meant to create? Well that's what Fusion-Ops is set out to trigger, a golden age in thinking and building a truly sustainable world and future...

Hope you enjoy the read!

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