Become aware and the best version of yourself


Become aware and the best version of yourself

ORBIT is our soft skills personal development journey based on our 6-20 Revolution Competency Framework. The ORBIT tool-pack allows you to review your own competency dynamic, which in turn can be matched to employers. ORBIT has very high candidate to employer matching impact rate. If you want a successful career you should look at ORBIT as your ticket for getting there.


Skills and competency is the new intellectual property of the corporate and business world, private and public sector, why? Because as the demands on performance and delivery increase, we need to get more out of every minute and second of work or higher rate of return on activity. Fact is that only higher levels of capability can even attempt to meet these new standards that the world is setting. 

What do we mean by capability? It is the ability, a person's physical, emotional, knowledge and experience dynamic, which is best measured in skills and competency levels. So you see, investing time into personal skills, competency development and awareness is becoming a must, not only for job seeking and career change, it is required to convince employers of the value of you and why they should keep and invest in you, harsh but this is what intellectual property means, it needs to be measurable.

HICCS-ORBIT is unique as it provides you with both a snapshot, as well as the ability to track, your personal lifelong learning and development and especially manage critical points and times in your career. The best thing about ORBIT is that it also teaches and reminds you of the important soft skills in life and the professional world, skills that not only make you better at your work, but also allow you to grow into a better, ethical stronger person.