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"Shifting and evolving business to become future-fit starts with upgrading awareness of leadership and workforce."

Niklas Christides

HICCS Coaching │ Support to make your business flow

Global business and workforce growth experts

Our team of global business and career experts are committed to bring you an optimised outsourcing service. Utilise our team for coaching, training, e-learning, leadership and personal development, strategy formulation, project management, supply-chain governance... you name it, we can help. 

Our holistic insight and diversity makes us very capable of providing cross industry solutions. Best of all we focus on affordability and added value, which means you always get more than you bargain for with us.

HICCS ORBIT │ Know theyself

Become the best and authentic version of you

ORBIT is a state of the art self-actualization program looking to holistically unlock and make us aware of who we are deep inside. ORBIT takes us on a journey of self-reflection that helps us see behind the ego curtains, the superficial us.

Niklas Christides initially created the ORBIT program to support personal development, soft skills and competency tracking. At the time in 2015 the model was built around the 6-20 Revolution Competency Framework developed by Niklas as well. The ORBIT tool-pack allowed one to review their own competency dynamic, which in turn could be matched to employer requirements. ORBIT had a very high candidate to employer matching and impact rate.

In 2020 Niklas decided it was time to review and expand the ORBIT tool, to take into account our holistic growth and spiritual aspect. This new upgrade of the ORBIT program is a joint effort with the UNIQU mastermind team to create a powerful self-actualization tool-pack. The aim is to release the new ORBIT program end of year 2022.

HICCS Fusion-Ops │ The key to seamless business operations

We are changing the face of business management

The future requires us to evolve, change our perspective, and especially optimise how we do things. Fusion-Ops is a holistic business management model aimed at breaking down and removing waste, both machine an human, in business including obsolete leadership positions. The aim is to bring more machine and self-learning, as well as artificial intelligence into the business world, which will pave the way for a brighter future for all.

Read the Fusion-Ops Magazine

Overview on how our HICCS founder Niklas Christides sees the future of business management, leadership and operations.

The magazine provides an illustration of 'The Business Atom' which lies at the core of the Fusion-Ops model and represents the fundamental elements of seamless business operations.

Fusion-Ops was designed in 2015