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Organic natural immunity is critical

To stay safe one must be open minded and humble. In these turbulent times it is important to increase our understanding of how the immune system works. Over the past 30-40 years humanity has especially focused on shortcuts, taking medicine, pills, supplements etc. to support our immune system has become a norm in society, but why have they risen in popularity? Because, they have been easy to market and sell to people open for manipulation, people who have come to believe in the benefits of manmade solutions, as well as science 'facts'.

The idea sounds logical to people, boost the areas of the body that need support and you will feel fine without having to do almost anything. The problem is that this is a shortcut, a poor solution to counteract the increasingly poor and lazy lifestyle choices people make. Worst of all governments and businesses desperately need humanity to go towards this dependency and remain in low vibration, otherwise there would be no one to to create these solutions for, as well as sell them. Anyone who can identify these patterns understands that we are clinging to something old and outdated, to solutions totally out of sync with nature.

"Our body is our temple, not giving the body the respect, attention and compounds it needs, in terms of, minerals, vitamins, oils, proteins, healthy sugars etc., will ultimately result in the weakening of immunity."

Niklas Christides

Balanced diet is key

In truth our diet is actually the key, because the point with health is not to focus on isolated problems and deficiencies, but rather to maintain an overall healthy intake of all necessary compounds our body needs organically through food and drink, as this is how our body has been designed.

We can now clearly see what happens when we neglect our duty to care for our health and wellbeing, our bodies become weak and incapable of fighting off naturally occurring or manmade dangers, like the C19 virus or pollution. The issue with the immune system is that we must earn our immunity, which also means that the immune system weakens over time and cannot be repaired that rapidly. The body needs time to recover and pick up its strength, which is why I always say that our lifestyle, and especially dietary, choices are the only real long-term point of actions to maintain a sufficient immune system.

"Feel better, work better."

Lailah Gifty Akita

Risks for weakening of the immune system

I think it is worth pointing out areas that present risks for weakening our immune system. Food quality is a major concern, the general rule of thumb for me, the more industrial the product, the more it hurts our immune system. Mass and speedy production damages biodiversity and key compounds like vitamin and mineral structure in organic food, which means products do not meet the organic needs of our body.

The second major concern can be found in medicine, which has been created with the focus of curing specific ailments, but very rarely looks at supporting the body holistically. People should take the dangers of any, even basic, medication seriously and work on removing any need to use medicine, supplements or other manmade solution. Everything our body needs can be found organically, out of which herbs and spices present a great opportunity for administering effective self-care and reduce the need and reliance on manmade solutions, pills and medicine.

"Going organic is what your heart and soul would like you to do."

Niklas Christides