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Knowing our body and mind helps us sustain a meaningful relationship with our higher self

Our health is something we are in charge off, it is not to be offloaded to anyone, doctor, government or any institution. Taking care of body, mind and heart from the beginning is part of what we came here to do, it is part of our personal individual responsibility, it also determines our legacy. Presently society is failing horrifically at this task, just like countless generations before have failed to teach this vital aspect of life to younger generations. The price is dire and has absolutely lead society astray, becoming ever more locked into negative karmic cycles, destructive mindset and low vibration.

"Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you've got a kingdom."

Jack LaLanne

At DVG we have been interacting with (and monitoring) 100s of customers over the years, and consequently witnessed some major problems and behavioural patterns that disrupt people from maintaining a balanced and good health. Here are some of the key shortcomings (click on image to read the BTC articles):

Greed, arrogance and pride

Definitely the thing that is extremely detrimental and self-destructive is self-centred arrogance and pride. This turns of the receptors and enables 'zombie' like state, where one does not listen or filter information, only the 'I know it all' attitude remains.

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Subservience and servitude

The choice not to question anything, to be and remain a sheet that follows the herd. Promoting and spreading the teachings of the outside world rather than searching, exploring and stepping into ones own truth. The state of detachment from self.

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"It is unwise to neglect the body, as such ignorance is paid for in lifeforce, therefore one should wholeheartedly commit oneself to self-care and the duty of maintaining a balanced organic lifestyle."

Niklas Christides

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Sacred Body

Unlocking the mystery of sacred body and all its secrets. One should always understand to see and treat their avatar as sacred, as it is an incredible feat of organic engineering.

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Aging & Lifespan

How long we live and our level of fitness through our life, both physically and mentally, is largely determined by our lifestyle choices. Selfcare mastery and diet is key. 

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Organic movement is very important, as it looks after many part of our avatar and impacts both the physical and the mental aspect of life. Keep running, it is a good idea.

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Heart & Lifeforce

Our heart is our key to the universe, it is so much more vital to the life experience than we can ever imagine. Caring for our heart is paramount. 

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Illness & Pain

Our vibration is our primary defence system and immunity. Staying in low vibration means more illness and pain will be felt in life. 

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It is so important to maintain a balanced lifestyle, one that keeps us happy and healthy, but to achieve it we must understand how life works.

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Mind & Thought

The mind, such powerful part of us, but also the home of the ego, which keeps us chained away from our higher self and soul purpose.

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Water Purity

Our body is in a symbiosis with water, the sacred element that carries and distributes our energy, a key building block of life.

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Learning to listen to the body is the key

One should remember that the body does not necessarily communicate well whilst the mind is ego bound, much is hidden from sight and stored away in the subconscious mind. This means that we are impeded and blocked from understanding the consequences of our actions , like for instance realising how bad synthetic products are for our health. At worst it can take 15-30 years, and for some lost souls, as long as a lifetime, to understand and weak up to the realities of the world and the fact that they have been following a path keeping them in low vibration.

Obviously those who learn to listen to the signals and signs (surpassing the ego) the body is sending them, will yearn to make a change even if it feels difficult or sometimes near impossible to carry out. The only long-term sustainable change one can make is through change of lifestyle, which means that the way of life is adjusted for good, not just until the perceived problem has been conquered.

"Taking care of our nutritional intake is something that should be of interest to all. If ignored one cannot raise their vibration, as purification and detoxification of our body, as well as mind is a must and a prerequisite for true spiritual awakening to ever take place."

Body, mind, heart connectivity

The body, mind and heart connection is important because it helps us find balance in life, but it has another dimension, as it also assists us in battling earthly challenges like stress and challenges associated with our wellbeing. There are many different focal points associated with the body and mind spectrum, which to some may seem overwhelming. The most important observation to make, is that the body and mind connection should be approached holistically through the heart (intuition) without making it too difficult to understand or process. Even the most mundane things like nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, work, mind exercises, brain stimulation or social interaction widely influence the body-mind-heart balance. The real question and challenge is, how to actually bring balance to everyday life in a positive and progressive way.

People are different, which is why the body-mind-heart connection is linked to our identity. It is precisely for this reason that we should strive to find a suitable flow and balance in our everyday life, because this will strengthen our connectivity with our deeper self and our universal identity, as well as unlock hidden dimensions in ourselves. We call this the 'purpose of life', because the more open we are towards change, self-reflection and introspection, the more purpose we can find in ourselves and the lives we lead.

"To know yourself, you must sacrifice the illusion that you already do."

Vironika Tugaleva

Let us not forget energy and flow

In a world under immense pressure we often forget the importance and relationship our body and mind has with energy and the flow of energy, our lifeforce. Without energy there is no life, so if our energy levels are not in balance this will absolutely impact our creativity, productivity, focus, mind and body functions. For people to live up to, and deliver, their real true potential we need to understand our own energy needs and realise that our poor food, drink, lifestyle choices and attitude in general all hold us back.

Stress and depression have a tight grip on society these days, why you might ask? Because we make choices that create a lot of conflict inside us. Most people work for employers they do not like, only few work with what they actually love, which is the first major problem. Secondly, we do not diversify, we channel our focus and energy on one thing in the hope of becoming great at that particular thing, when actually this hinders our learning and especially diversification, why? Because everything in life is interconnected, something we should never forget.

Some examples to consider

A playmaker in any sport can never reach their full potential without learning the deeper meaning of leadership, which cannot be learnt solely on the pitch, but requires rest to process the experiences.

One cannot be truly good at HR and managing people if they do not understand operations (the bigger picture), because how could they possible serve the larger need if they do not know what it actually is.

A carpenter cannot build an amazing table that fits the surroundings it was intended for, without an eye for aesthetics, as harmony is only achieved when all aspects have been considered and accounted for.

A farmer who has no love for the natural world will never farm great crops, because information is missing and connectivity is low between the farmer and nature. This why they fail to work and create together. 

"Without diversification and widening of our horizons we will be and always remain mediocre at best."

Niklas Christides

Four golden lifestyle rules to keep in mind

Maintaining a healthy flow of energy requires us to consume organic food and drink in balance, as much as and wherever possible.

One should do all they can to create opportunities to work with things they love, which will reduce the amount of internal conflict in life.

One should invest their time into, and prioritise shaping of, and maintaining, a conscious lifestyle that focuses on balance and minimizing stress.

Explore and stay curious and very open minded towards all things interesting, learn more things, diversify and challenge yourself.

"Not how long, but how well you have lived is the main thing."