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Self-worth Is Knowing What One Consumes

Harnessing the awesome power of nature

Know Your Ingredients has been created to help our customers receive additional insights and information about different ingredients, their health effects on body and mind, as well as their use. The world provides us with everything we need for maintaining effective self-care, unfortunately people have been driven away from using organic ingredients through mass-production, as well as government and industrial pressures, all paving the way for medicine to maintain a iron grip on our lives and wellbeing. Medical industry, largely financed and supported by governments has led to a society and people unable to care for itself all around the world.

Say what you may, but natural high-quality organic ingredients, where the origin is know and processing is transparent, are investments for body, mind and soul, for in the end nothing is more valuable than our health. For DVG and our artisan chefs working with highest quality ingredients is a lifestyle choice, something we believe to be crucial for maintaining highest possible Quality Of Life (QOL).

Remember that organic ingredients are the sustainable and ethical choice, therefore we should (individually and collectively) say no to all mass-production wherever possible. Big brands, corporations, institutions and governments are not our friends ever until they learn to understand that life is more precious than greed, money and riches, until they stop leaching on the earth for its organic resources and lifeforce. This is the worst crime, and any individual backing such behaviour or activity is equally responsible for suffering the consequences of their ultimate neglect of what is real and pure.

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience."

James Beard

Natural Organic Herbs

Herbs are a very healthy subset of vegetables and most commonly the leaves of the plant are used for consumption. Herbs grown, harvested and processed naturally are very potent and need there to be used in small quantities. Herbs are very nutritious and great for enhancing flavour, as well as complementing food. Herbs are also awesome for making tea and broth, and how natural the ingredient is makes a big difference, as you can brew it for longer, 48-72 hours at best.

Herbs are rich in vitamins, minerals and polyphenols, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and therefore it is safe to say that all herbs enhance our immunity. Dried herbs have higher antioxidant levels, but lower levels of vitamins and minerals than fresh herbs.

"Herbs are the friend of the physician and the pride of cooks."


Divine Flowers

Flowers are obviously beautiful to the eye and in that way represent tranquillity and harmony, but they are healthy and edible as well. At DVG we love flowers, because in line with our 'Creating Happiness' philosophy, they equally have the ability to make people happy. Amongst others flowers enhance the immune system, strengthen our mind, boost the mood, cleans the air, reduce stress, and boost energy.

Flowers are awesome in tea and generally have a positive influence on skin health and external beauty. Calming flowers like chamomile and lavender also promote good and balanced sleep, as well as ability to relax.


Radiant skin and soul

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Beauty and detox in one

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Against cardiovascular disease

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Mood and depression fighter

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Against sinusitis and colds

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Against anxiety and stress

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Anti-inflammatory and tissue repair

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Blood sugar management expert

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Source of prebiotic fibre for gut

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"Don't wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul."

Luther Burbank

Potent Spices

Spices influence us greatly around the world, in some places where ancient knowledge has prevailed like India they are so significant you could call them holy. Spices are obviously great for cooking and flavouring of foods, but possible even more important for their potent health benefits when treated with care and naturally grown, as well as processed in the right environment and conditions. You could say, spices have the power to make or break a dish.

India could be considered one of the real spice hubs, in the ancient past it attracted visitors and traders from foreign lands in search for their exotic spices and knowledge about them. Spices became a form of communication and this international exposure further enriched the Indian cultural diversity and appreciation towards all types of spices. Indian home-cooked food is still widely considered one of the healthiest meals around the world, packed with nutritional value and major health benefits.


Anti-stress spice of choice

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Protector of our cells

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Keeps diseases at bay

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Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial

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Neutralizing free radicals

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Bad breath and astma remedy

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Promotes good respiration

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Birch Bark

Tackles hair loss and skin rashes

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Strengthens the immune system

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Pine Bark

Great therapeutic health properties

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"Spices are truly awesome spiritual messengers, they empower us to stop and to feel, so that we can better utilise our senses and consequently grow spiritually and holistically."

Niklas Christides


Consuming vegetables every day is important for health and vitality, as they contain essential vitamins, minerals, and key nutrients, such as antioxidants and fibre. Including vegetables in our daily diet has shown to reduce blood pressure and the risk of common diseases, especially cancer and heart disease.

It is also worth noting that consuming part of our vegetables in raw form is beneficial, as it increases our levels of energy, improves skin health and digestion, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. So do not neglect your vegetables, and most importantly teach younger generations to enjoy them too.


Protector of the heart

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Loaded with flavonoids

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Fibre and blood sugar control

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Source of vitamin C and fibre

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Rich source of vitamins and minerals

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Versatile and extremely nutritious

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Heart-friedly mineral rich vegetable

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Vitamin, potassium and calcium

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Digestion and immunity

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"A diet rich in fruits and vegetables plays a role in reducing the risk of all the major causes of illness and death."

Walter Willett


Fruits, like vegetables, are high in fibre and an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Fruits are really good for complementing vegetables and when used together they are most potent in counteracting ailments like heart disease, cancer, inflammation, and diabetes.

Fruits are also great because they are packed with flavour and low in both fat and calories. The key rule is to maintain diversity in our diets, changing things around ensures we give our heart, mind and body the best set of tools to keep us healthy and strong. Finally, it is worth pointing out, that quality is key, mass produced fruit and vegetables lose almost all of their magic, so knowing what you consume is vital and sometimes you need to make an effort to gain access to good stuff, grocery stores are rarely the answer.


Crucial for maintaining holistic health

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Digestion and metabolism

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Promotes weight loss

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Aids in collagen production

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Against chronic illnesses

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Balancing fluids and blood pressure

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Protects the cells and blood vessels

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Awesome snack and food compliment

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Energy and brain health

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Healthy teeth and skin

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Anxiety and constipation relief

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Anti-viral cell protector

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Great source of vitamin E


Vitamin C and fiber


Nutrient rich snack


Lowers cholesterol

Pine Cone

Against infection and common cold

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Great source of vitamin C

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Helps counteract osteoporosis

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Nutritious stomach protector

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Anti-inflammatory gut health agent

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Protects against illness and cold

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Healthy fat, fibre and protein

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Low calorie fibre and vitamin source

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"A basket of ripe fruit is holier than any prayer book."

Marty Rubin

Wild Berries

Wild berries together with spices and bee products are really the detoxifying champions for our bodies, they make sure compounds that are not wanted are remove out of the system. The higher the quality, the better they safeguard our immune system, and on top of all this they  also hydrate and rejuvenate us.

Same rule applies for berries as for all consumable food and drink, diversify. Different berries have different properties, if you want to give your heart, mind and body the best chance to stay health us different types of high quality organic berries.


Improves and restores eyesight

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Detox and vitamin bomb

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Versatile holistic health agent

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Potent and nutritious superfood

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Rose Hip

Keeps us young and vibrant

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Heart health and blood pressure

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Juniper Berry

Antiseptic anti-diabetes agent

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Goji Berry

Lifeforce and life expectancy

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Guardian of heart and body

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Sea Buckthorn

Immunity and obesity treatment

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"Naturally sweet and juicy, berries are low in sugar and high in nutrients - they are among the best foods you can eat."

Joel Fuhrman

Mineral Salts

Minerals are key to us remaining healthy, they help us turn our food into energy and hence are instrumental for maintaining active metabolism and circulation. Salt is totally misunderstood in many parts of the world and arguably one of the easiest ways to keep a living being ill is to disrupt the mineral balance, either by saying it is unhealthy or by promoting the sale of synthetic or poor quality salt like basic table salt from which nearly all valuable trace elements have been removed.

Real authentic organic salt, when harvested and processed in the right way, contains over one hundred minerals we know of, but the truth is very likely to go far beyond what we even understand or have yet discovered through science, as the periodic table is more like the beginning of our understanding than some absolute truth. Investing in high quality salt is one of the best investments one could ever make. Using high quality salt is a win-win scenario that results in less and less need for supplements, less and less trips to the doctor, and less and less reliance on the outside world to care for us.

"Contrary to common belief and dogma, organic pure salt is not our enemy at all, it is actually an absolute must for healthy energy circulation and vibration. It is unlikely anyone who does not maintain a healthy mineral balance would ever reach their true spiritual potential."

Niklas Christides

From Bees

Where salt and minerals play an important part in converting food into energy, bee products truly promote our holistic health, you could even say the contain most of what the body needs to stay healthy and active. Authentic organic honey can only be produced in climates that have long enough flowering season and plenty of sun, because bees need enough time to do their work. In insufficient climates like the Nordics bee hives are given sugar lotion to aid them in their honey production, so this type of honey is not organic and cannot be made fully organic.

Organic honey is the best natural sweetener and source of sugar, energy that body needs. Honey and the bi-product propolis are awesome anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents. Honey is also used for oral health, treatment of coughs and skin conditions, as well as wound healing. Possibly the most diverse health booster available in nature is royal jelly can only be produced by the queen bee.

"Bee communities are the ultimate organic manufacturing factory for healthy immunity promoting substances and compounds, we should cherish, not destroy them, as our fragile lives might one day be in their hands."

Niklas Christides

Mushrooms & Fungi

Any enlightened chef would not run a kitchen without fungi, as mushrooms are something truly magical, they are healthy, they bind flavours, and they taste so good. Mushrooms are said to be the oldest and most resilient inhabitants of Gaia, planet earth, and with such a long evolutionary story it does not come as a surprise that mushrooms vibrate high.

With mushroom they key thing is understanding them, there are so many varieties and all have something unique about them and not only in terms of flavour, but health benefits as well. Learn to use mushroom in your daily diet, use them fresh, from the freezer, dried or powdered. Powdered mushrooms are our favourite, as they are so easy to incorporate in any food and raise the quality instantaneously. Do not fear mushrooms, they are a gift from nature and they can help us understand how out of balance our body and lifestyle is if we let them. A strong and healthy heart, body and mind finds synergy with mushrooms, where are weak and out of balance one struggles.


Good source of vitamin D

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Protects against cell damage

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Anti-bacterial holistic health agent

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Curry Milk Cap

Good source of vitamin B

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"Fungi constitute the most poorly understood and underappreciated kingdom of life on Earth."

Michael Pollan

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