Be The Change │ Awareness  Sustainability is a hot topic, but in reality should we actually dig deeper, in the end sustainability cannot be achieved through discussion and empty promises

We must show greater care for our planet, however to do this we must realise and face up to a multitude of challenges. One of the biggest problems can be found in businesses, businesses ride under the sustainability and ethics flag yet their actions contradict their promises. Never trust empty words and do not support businesses who do not approach sustainability seriously.

Governments are similar to businesses and rather than enforcing concrete hard measures to tackle problems they generally choose the softer approach, which unfortunately is slow and not enough to help the world evolve at the necessary rate. People must learn to stand up against the governments and demand harder more concrete actions, as well as ensuring political figures and leaders in society, and business, are held accountable for their actions collectively.

Awareness is another major problem, as sustainability is associated with the bigger picture of life itself. If we do not drastically change basic things like lifestyle, society, governance, business, culture etc. then all the direct actions we take will come short to saving the planet and possibly the future of humans on it.

Influencer │ Niklas Christides