Be The Change  KnowHow  Competency can, at best, resolve many critical work related problems, as well as provide the world with a gateway to a sustainable future

The role and impact of competency profiling in society is paramount in terms of development, fairness, equality and growth. The definition of competency in this holistic context is the combined readiness of soft and hard skills, personality traits impact, as well as level of experience and practical knowledge. The concept of competency tracking and profiling, as well as the genera depth of understanding is still very much in its infancy, although it could, and does, hold answers to some of the major challenges we face with modern society.

Why do we need to understand competency? Well, one of the biggest problem today, year 2020, is the fact that most people:

  • Overvalue their own skillset and experience (lack of honesty and integrity towards oneself)
  • Are willing to exaggerate what they know and what experience they have (lies, unhealthy ambition, greed, and exploitation of opportunity)
  • Are not willing to invest time or money personally in their personal growth and development (lack of awareness and insight)
  • Stop focusing on their personal growth and development when in a secure position (selfishness, lazy approach, corruption of oneself)
  • See teaching, learning and growth as the responsibility of governments and companies (passing blame, not taking responsibility)

The fact is that everything starts from oneself, it is not very intelligent to just follow rules and regulations, because one loses all integrity and self-worth in the process. Many people still believe that hard skills are the only thing that matters, although it has been evident for some time that at least progressive businesses are much more interested in the soft side of people, why? Because, they can teach hard skills, mold people into what they want and need, why on earth would they invest in people who have high thoughts about themselves and most likely are not particularly adaptable. Good question yes and it is worth thinking about, but also what this actually means regarding the fit and delivery of our current university and education models.

Now that we have established that competency development starts from oneself, one must therefore:

  • Learn to invest in themselves to truly grow
  • Be ready to look into the mirror on a daily basis and face up to, as well as conquer fear, self-criticism and self-doubt, as well as all the questions about self-image
  • Be willing to understand the world and the difference between right and wrong
  • Learn to be strong and stand behind own opinions, believes and values, but also to be constructive in reshaping them
  • Open to change and new information
  • Explore inner feelings and senses to better understand purpose and place

When we, as people, are whole and open, we can start to evolve, if we remain blocked and carry massive burden, which most people do, we will fall into the hands, and becomes slaves or ants, of the machinery called modern society. When this happens, we will:

  • Totally stop or significantly reduce our prospects of useful personal growth and evolution
  • Progressively introduce more fear and self-isolation into our lives
  • Become paranoid about our surroundings and people
  • Become selfish, self-centered, oblivious and cold
  • Become stressed and mentally burdened, even depressed
  • Lose any real purpose and start replacing it with make-belief views of who we are
  • Lose touch to most or all aspects of integrity and ethical thinking

So you see, firstly figuring out who you are is absolutely vital to even entertain the idea of what you could be. Most choices in life are unfortunately not actually made by ourselves, our surroundings influence us and make us believe in things, which ultimately governments and business want us to believe. This is not freedom of choice either, it is the power of manipulation and re-calibration of our brains, which is something that governments and companies entertain to gain power and keep the world spinning. These evil and dark forces have a firm grip of people and society, and in this game of control they have also made sure that the world should focus as little as possible on the subject of competency, as this would weaken and change the power dynamics in the world.

Think about it, do you elect people into government based on competency? No, we listen to all sorts of interviews etc., but never actually look at the fit to perform a particular duty like prime minister or president, hence it means that it is simply a popularity contest (and worst of all it can also be manipulated through money and power). And what about recruitment in work life, does it actually make effective use of competency profiling? No, not really, especially when it comes to leadership and senior management, CEOs walk out of one role into the next, yes they are interviewed, but how often does anyone actually look at their competency profile, not often, because the choice primarily relies on human views. On the lower levels, competency profiling is used to some extent to sift out candidates, but actually when it comes to choosing who gets the job we still rely heavily on human emotion. Line managers choose, 90% of the time, the candidates they like or see as least risky to supersede them, rather than choosing candidates who would be the best fit for performing the work and hold the position.

The world is a twisted place, not allowing and utilising things like competency is holding humanity back, it creates many ethical questions and dilemmas as well, because the structure of power actually prefers to keep people in work roles who are far from the best fit for positions, which in turn leads to the world carrying a massive inefficiency burden. Yes, granted, this is not a black and white thing, but the general consensus is clear, we humans are once again the reason for our own demise. To correct the problem and make the world fairer and more equal, the only real, and smart choice, would be to demand competency profiling, starting from highest government officials to make the point that this approach is needed to make all aspects of society more efficient and transparent, to ensure the role vs person match is as optimal as possible. Although I personally feel that democracy is a broken system, adding competency profiling to things like elections would make things more transparent and also bring forward key question like? Would society choose and prefer competent people (future fit) or celebrities and career politicians (today's world) who lack the necessary knowledge and soft skills for the position. For the future of the world and sustainability there is only one correct answer to this question.

Influencer │ Niklas Christides