Be The Change │ KnowHow │ Without energy there would be no life, it impacts our creativity, productivity, focus, mind and body functions

In a world under immense pressure we often forget the importance and relationship our body and mind has with energy and the flow of energy, our lifeforce. Without energy there is no life, so if our energy levels are not in balance this will absolutely impact our creativity, productivity, focus, mind and body functions. For people to live up to, and deliver, their real true potential we need to understand our own energy needs and realise that our poor food, drink, lifestyle choices and attitude in general all hold us back.

Stress and depression have a tight grip on society these days, why you might ask? Because we make choices that create a lot of conflict inside us. Most people work for employers they do not like, only few work with what they actually love, which is the first major problem. Secondly, we do not diversify, we channel our focus and energy on one thing in the hope of becoming great at that particular thing, when actually this hinders our learning, why? Because everything in life is interconnected, something we should never forget. For example:

  • One cannot be truly good at HR if they do not understand operations, because how could they possible serve the larger need
  • A farmer who has no love for the natural world will never farm great crops
  • A playmaker in any sport can never reach their full potential without learning the deeper meaning of leadership, which cannot be learnt solely on the pitch

You see, without diversifying and widening our horizons we will be and remain mediocre at best.

Maintaining a healthy flow of energy hence requires us to consume organic food and drink, as much as possible (high quality honey is a great way of maintaining healthy energy levels), we should do all we can to create opportunities to work with things we love to reduce the amount of internal conflict in life, we also should maintain a more conscious lifestyle that focuses on balance to reduce our stress levels, and finally we should stay curious towards all things interesting and want to learn more things. A jack of all trades is worth so much more than a person with horse flaps, because they bring perspective and have the potential to grow, to become more, it is that simple.

Influencer │ Niklas Christides