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It is incredible that humans, through their own selfishness, have been able to change and destroy most aspects of the climate as radically as is now clearly visible in 2020. There are raging wild fires across the world, countless hurricanes, melting glaciers, destroyed and dying rainforests, rising average temperatures etc., all for the sake of money, greed and selfishness. It is truly disgusting to see that state and government, who are supposed to care for people and create improved conditions for life, actually do very little, and always too late, to truly aid the real fight against climate change. The political agenda and leading people simply do not rise to the challenge, which is another strong indicator that current governing models are outdated and obsolete, as they have totally failed to protect the citizens.

What people do not seem to realize and understand is that everything is connected to everything and even the smallest things can have a major impact on the world around us and climate, which can, and eventually will, trigger devastating high risk catastrophes across the globe. Yes, nature is capable of change, nature knows how to adapt, humans unfortunately are not as fortunate, humans lack the necessary resilience to withstand rapid climate and environmental change, which in turn drastically impacts health and quality of life.

Every person has a role to play and responsibility in the climate war, because resolution has long ago moved beyond government and business. We need people, rich and poor, to raise their game and focus on change, to step up and start acting responsibly and with respect towards nature. This is the only acceptable way forward, anyone who does not understand this should face isolation until they wake up. Each and every person needs to contribute and also understand that this is not a question of free will or choice, because not making a change puts us all and the earth in jeopardy and harm's way. Changing is hard, but not that hard, some of the things we can do, for example, are things like eliminating all non-essential consumption, don't buy anything you don't really need. We can also recycle more and do more things ourselves, like food, which includes awareness to favour the use of ingredients that originate from SME production and sustainable sources, rather than industrial channels. It is amazing to see how hooked people are on mass-produced industrial products, although many claim the opposite. This is a direct problem as it promotes pollution, overproduction and increased waste levels, which in turn put a huge burden on nature, the planet and its eco-system. Avoiding travel whenever not a necessity is another good deed, and when on the move prioritising green means of transport like walking and cycling can significantly help the climate. Learning to grow some herbs, as well as growing your own flowers at home also reduce the burden.

You see, saving nature is possible, but we do need the biggest polluters to be silenced and if need be shut down to really turn things around. Action speaks more than words and it is becoming clear that governments will need to start choosing, which side they are on. Either they stick with big industry or start listening to what people and society want, making the wrong choice in this aspect will result in more escalations, riots and demonstrations, and over time the system will crumble and fall, it is only a question of time. Buying and consuming less, is the one major thing we all can do, which will force factories to close, and now that most of the jobs are going to be gone, and work in itself will become something of a novelty, why would anyone side with the corporate world knowing that the price we are paying is the future of the planet we live on. The economy is broken, it has been broken for a long time and certainly cannot keep itself going with stimulus packages, which by the way is just like a bursting balloon anyway. Therefore, any propaganda messages from government or business emphasising the importance of consumption to keep the economy going can now be ignored, because the economic model has already failed us and let the world down. Smart people understand that relying on mass-production to reinvigorate the economy is a dead end cause, therefore focusing energy on the 2020 aftermath and what comes next is much wiser. Sometimes changes comes the hard way, which can even mean that things need to get ugly before they change direction and regain momentum, unfortunately it strongly seems like this an inevitable outcome for modern society, no smooth sailing ahead for a while.

Influencer │ Niklas Christides