Speed conundrum


Be The Change │ Society │ Exploring the speed conundrum, why do we live such busy lives and why do we encourage urgency, is it really worth it

Society has been picking up speed over the centuries and particularly during the digitalisation age, but now we see the problem with speed, we lose touch to why we need everything the speedy world is creating. The 2020 Corona virus epidemic has forced the world to slow down nearly to a standstill. So, what good this all the speed do exactly? In my view not much, we now see how little we actually need most of the things in life that we create. The point that is even more relevant is that society, or the illusion of functioning society, has been, even in this modern day and age, promoting and creating obsolete work. Everything to avoid the looming large scale unemployment, something that has been a fact for 10-20 years at least.

Governments have tried in every way to either keep people in obsolete roles or creating roles or developing support schemes that are by nature redundant from the offset, as they do not actually benefit anyone. To maintain illusions and not bravely facing up to problems in society has led to society being crippled, not able to care for itself or its citizens. Failure is largely accepted and people are given plenty of opportunities to repeat the mistakes they have made, this is called lack of spine, because only self-righteous people continue in their own illusion of greatness although in the eyes of the world they represent total failure.

Speed needs to be replaced with brains, something I have been talking about for many years. We humans are innovative and can resolve most problems, but not when our greatest minds are kept in the shadows, blocked from surfacing due to the totalitarian system that is democracy, which elects weak people with influence, rather than actual change makers. It is nice to engage people yes, and it is important that people can participate, but people do not possess the competence to understand the difficult structures and processes associated with running society or the world. Choosing people to lead, who are not capable of leading is one of the biggest mistakes humanity has ever done. This has resulted in modern society representing potentially one of the weakest and most chaotic forms of governance ever seen.

Powers must shift, we cannot allow mediocracy and greed to shape our world. The time of real leaders is upon us who choose to work for the good society, not for rewards, not for power, not for self-interest, not for status, but for the genuine commitment to protect the organic development and evolution of society and life.

Influencer │ Niklas Christides