Long Life Platform

'Next Gen Health Services'

Quality sits firmly at the core of our treatments, coaching and group session. We have a detailed selection process to ensure all our partners meet our quality standards and that they share our passion for supporting people in questions relating to their health and wellbeing.

Health + Nutrition

'Know what you eat and drink'

Our Health + Nutrition section has been designed to address, assist and guide our customers in questions relating to health, wellbeing and nutrition and how we can improve our Quality of Life [QoL] using natural products and increased level of awareness on how to harness the true power of the natural world. Start your transformation today, as each day you waist waiting is a loss in terms of your potential to fully enjoy and embrace your life.

Meditation + Yoga

'Explore your inner self and find your edge'

We provide a range of services from yoga to mediation that help you relax, explore your inner self and find answers to life. The ultimate aim is to grow your level of awareness and inner peace, it is what we refer to as our edge. 

Mind + Awareness

'Concrete steps towards consciousness'

Our holistic awareness coaching helps you see the world with a different pair of eyes. We aim to open doors that have remained locked in your life, and help you answer some of the difficult questions potentially disrupting your life and natural flow of energy.  We help people realise who they really are deep inside and provide them with tools on how they can become the very best positivve and happy versions of themselves.

Royal Healing By Roy Rolamo

Registered masseuse and therapeutic healer.

Call: +358400446784

Janette Myllymaa

Experienced yoga teacher.

Call: +358449722821

Niklas Christides Coaching

Personal development, lifestyle and nutritional coach.

Call: +358407263558