Long Life Platform

'Next Gen Health Services'

Quality sits firmly at the core of our treatments, coaching and group session. We have a detailed selection process to ensure all our partners meet our quality standards and that they share our passion for supporting people in questions relating to their health and wellbeing.

Long Life Platform Treatments

'Next Gen Treatments and Health Services'

Great service selection to support your health and wellbeing. Sometimes we need to treat ourselves and find a tranquil moment or we need to treat some more specific ailments.


Long Life Platform Coaching

'Next Gen Treatments and Health Services'

In life, sometimes we need support, our coaching services are designed to support with day to generic challenges, career, family, awareness, nutrition etc.

Long Life Platform Groups

'Next Gen Treatments and Health Services'

Provide your body with a real moment of bliss, we have different groups that are aimed at supporting body, mind and soul.

5x Groups Card only 50 euros, free to use across selected set of services.

Long Life Platform Events

'Next Gen Treatments and Health Services'

We are focusing ever more heavily on events and fairs. Follow and join us on our exciting journeys.


Royal Healing By Roy Rolamo

Registered masseuse and therapeutic healer.

Call: +358400446784

Janette Myllymaa

Experienced yoga teacher.

Call: +358449722821

Niklas Christides Coaching

Personal development, lifestyle and nutritional coach.

Call: +358407263558