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The wonderful world of shrooms and veges

Life truly smiles when you find a forest mushroom in the woods, you could say there is a bit of magic in the air. With vegetables, just like with mushrooms, it is all about earth and soil, and when you work with them you often feel a kind of calming energy.

We would like to emphasize and point out that even a small amount of good quality diet can outperform a relatively large amounts of bad diet, meaning that the body will always thanks you even for the small good deeds as it gives it strength to fight on.

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Good things to know!

Quality is an important point with mushrooms and vegetables, unfortunately, it must be said that the quality available has deteriorated over the years and is deteriorating further, why? Because of overproduction and greed mainly, the world simply has very little regard for the global eco-system and people still choose and prefer mass-production over local sustainable farming and foraging.

We do all we can and truly strive to preserve the bio-diversity, authentic quality and favor wherever possible hand harvesting and natural drying, as well as processing by hand. This is why, when using our products, you will not only enjoy the quality, but know that you are supporting something real and sustainable, something that is made with respect for mother nature. We not only think it is an important point, but also feel that it is an opportunity to bring a touch of genuine quality to your diet.

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