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Life is precious and made for living, but living it alone is not always as meaningful as we would like. People need people, they need challenges, new experiences, and especially nature, which we strive to bring to the world in a new exciting and innovative fashion through our events and natural solutions.

Lifestyle is so important, but what do we mean by it? Well, to us lifestyle, and especially lifestyle with high Quality Of Life (QOL) is when we live life authentically on our terms, we know who we are, what our worth is and what makes us happy. We also do not serve the outside world, but rather interact positively and progressively with it.

Anything to support and help maintain this state of being is what we consider 'Lifestyle Magic', which the MyLife concept seeks to promote. Furthermore it is worth pointing out that any effort to create a more sustainable self-sufficient life is worth it, which helps reduce reliance on our 'broken' society, as society in its present form does most certainly not serve people or promote Quality Of Life (QOL). Past and modern society has failed and therefore rather than promoting harmony it drains people of their lifeforce.

'We are not here to serve anyone or act as wakeup call, we are a resource for those who are awake and understand their true value and that life is something finite that exists in each and every one.'

Niklas Christides

Niklas & Rocco Intro Video