Nature and You

Authentic, clean, organic food and drink

Explore our unique selection of natural eco-food-drink-wine. We only supply the highest quality ingredients and products, predominantly from South and Northern Europe. Our aim is to avoid (as much as possible) any industrial, big brand, products. We focus our resources on ensuring we are fully familiar with the product origin, as well as production methods before we allow a product into our assortment.

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Natural Eco-Tea + Herbs

Authentic, clean, organic, tasty

Hand harvested all naturally dried teas and herbs. You can brew our tea for hours with the taste continuously developing, this is what defines a real high quality, not only the quality of the herb. You should know that most commercial tea companies dry their tea in ovens. This burns the leaves from the inside, which in turn results in the bitter taste that develops after brewing the tea for more than 10 min.

Natural Eco-Spices

Explore the aroma of the world

The best and highest quality spices from across the world, authentic, full of flavour, and packed with antioxidants, natural minerals, vitamins, as well as fatty acids. All you need to transform both the taste of your food and Quality of Life (QoL), as spices are the real backbone of our health and wellbeing together with natural minerals, herbs and honey.

Natural Minerals + Salts

Life giving salts

Minerals are absolutely vital for our body, mind, nervous system etc. Unfortunately most of the salt available to people in grocery shops is industrial and only contains a fraction of the minerals that the body requires, which is partly so that people can be told to eat more supplements, as well as due to the fact that greedy companies extract and harness all the high value minerals like gold and remove them out of the salt. In an ideal state our body requires around 120 minerals out of which over 80 can be ingested through salt. Mark our words, high quality salt is one of the smartest investments you will ever make.

Natural Eco-Honey

Keeps your internal engine going

Authentic natural highest quality honey. Does not contain added sugar lotion, which is commonly used amongst honey producers, and is very unhealthy as it is like eating industrial white or brown sugar, the main reason for diabetes, obesity, heart problems etc. Our honey maintains the fructose and glucose balance in the body, which promotes stable energy distribution and flow.

Natural Oils-Seeds-Nuts

Structure, taste, health...

Oils are extremely important, they help maintain balance in our body, bit like a traditional car engine the human body needs oils to function. The major concern in oils is that it is hard to find high quality, cold pressed oils, most of oil available across especially central and northern Europe is not first press or even close. The quality of the oil determines the amount of slag and un-wanted compounds that will remain in the body, this is why we work hard on ensuring our oils are always of the highest quality. 

Natural Eco-Berries + Fruit

One stop shop for vitamins

High quality berries and fruit are both integral for a good stable diet, however what we often do not realise is that especially in terms of the berries the biggest benefits are found in the seeds. This is why naturally dried and ground berries with their seeds crushed are recommended to complement the whole berries in our diet. Also remember the fruit, and with fruit it is all about sun and freshness and or in case of dried fruit the way the fruit has been dried naturally.


Kitchen + Deli

Become a seven-star home chef

Best ingredients for every home cook and baker. Our products provide the body with necessary proteins, fibers, minerals, vitamins, oils, and natural sugars to stay healthy and full of life. Bon appetite, take your cooking and baking to the next level.

Natural Eco-Wine

Just perfect, the natural way

We tend to quote Horace when it comes to explaining the role of wine in our assortment and why it is so important, Horace said 'wine brings to light the hidden secrets of the soul'. This rings true in so many ways, and wine is not only a social drink, it is a crucial ingredient in cooking as well. In wine lies the truth 'in vino veritas'.

Health + Sport + Immunity + Wellbeing

Feel good every day

Health and wellbeing can also and should be supported at times. A healthy lifestyle does not necessarily guarantee that we stay healthy every moment, as the body at times has a weakened immunity and metabolism. Our carefully selected selection of health and wellbeing, as well as sports and performance building products will help you tackle any unbalance or physical strains on the body.