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Profile │ Petri Niklas Christides

Born 1982

Old soul, warrior of light and intuitive spiritual transformation master. Focused on organic change, evolution, innovation, knowledge and awareness. Working on bringing balance and energetic frequency upflift to the world, as well as universal harmony. Expert leadership and operations management coach, speaker and author.

MD + CEO │ Spiritual Master │ Artisan Chef │ Writer │ Speaker │ Leadership + Operations + Agile Coach │ Trainer Trainer │ Soft Skills + Awareness Champion │ Health + Lifestyle + Career Coach

Intro │ My Story

I would say my life a complex one, as it tends to be with old souls, we feel and know that we have mission and purpose, even to some extent a burden to carry light into the darkness. Yet, these days I have reached a point of self-actualization,  detachment and awareness that makes me feel complete (oneness) altough there is still much work to be done, we never stop growing and evolving, every second counts.

Career Steps

To reach this dynamic I have had to experience all the joyful, mundane, as well as difficult aspects of life, but importantly I did learn to appreciate the importance of relationships, people, life and nature in the process. I had to face up to the ego like everyone else and it was particularly central to my year of service in the army, and during the first stages of my career in airport ground handling (age 15-25).

I then was given the opportunity to establish myself in the corporate world through Rolls-Royce in the UK, where I did manage large teams up to 70 business controllers, as well as hold major financial, supply-chain, project, program and risk management responsibility globally (age 25-31).

I then became an serial entrepreneur through launching my own consulting and coaching business (HICCS) in Finland and the UK simultaneously, and took over the running of our family health and wellbeing company (Nature and You) in Finland, which I eventually merged into Dolce Vita Global in 2017 (age 31-36).

My deep and profound spiritual awakening has been takenplace in the latest years and actually was triggered by Brexit, which changed many things, as well as my perspective in life. It made me realize how toxic the environment in the UK was and that it was consuming my energy in a very negative way. I transitioned back to Finland during  2017-2018 and really took time to re-evaluated things and my life, which made me see more clearly my path and purpose in this world. This process has lead to some of my finest work in terms of the BeTheChange, UNIQU and OrganicFusionKitchen concepts (age 36+).

Mentality & Insight

For all the mentioned reasons and international exposure I have gained over time, I have been able to progressively develop, focus and gradually increase my level of awareness to a deeper holistic understanding and deep respect for natural order, something that I believe can only be achieved through positive drive, spirituality, love, determination, curiosity, sweat and tears, as well as humble approach to everything. I have developed the ability to see the world for what it is, which means that I am not ignorant or shying away even from the most difficult and disturbing aspects of life like hardship, poverty, death, exploitation, climate, corruption, ignorance, greed, skills gaps as well as the future of the earth and humanity on it.

Life is privilege

My life has taught me that the most precious resource in life is the privilege to be alive, to experience both joy and sadness, to care for and participate in the evolution of the earth and universe, rather than being a prisoner of society, monetary gains, greed and materialism. To achieve this insight, I have had to learn to think differently, to remove, wherever possible, the worst weaknesses that apply to myself and humanity in general, greed, selfishness, pride and need for material possession. I seek no fame or fortune, instead I dedicate my efforts to progressing the world in any way I can, but only where I can see positive win-win outcomes for the world at large and, nature and organic evolution, why? Because, I believe that the only way to turn around a world infested by darkness and fear is to have an open heart and let it shine upon the world.

Concepts │ Skills │ Knowledge

Niklas Growth Mastery

15+ years of experience coaching leaders and people on business, career, life, health, spirituality, awareness and self-actualization. Only through understanding the bigger picture can we truly understand ourselves.

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Passion │ Hobbies

Guiding people of all ages towards sustainable, spiritually healthy, self-sufficient lifestyle and quality of life (body, mind, spirit, soul balance)

Enjoying the artisan world, creating new things recipes and handcraft, recycling solutions, product and concept lifecycle design (food, drink, wine, handcraft, building and restauration projects)

Social interaction and internationalisation, networking, wine, spa, sauna and long conversations (philosophy, politics, culture, fate, space, future, life, universe, spirituality...)

Sports and exercise (walks in nature, football, floorball, tennis, golf...)

Re-designing and rebuilding society, shaping a sustainable future where people of all background can appreciate each other and live together in balance and peace. Inspiring and supporting the creation of a time where life is allowed to flourish without all the weaknesses of past and present age of egocetric humanity (past 5000+ years), which has been very heavily assoicated with selfishness, greed, corruption, exploitation etc. (symbolically the age of the serpant).

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