KYI  Know Your Ingredients

Harnessing the awesome power of nature

Know Your Ingredients has been created to help our customers receive additional insights and information about different ingredients, their health effects on body and mind, as well as their use. The world provides us with everything we need for maintaining effective self-care, unfortunately people have been driven away from using organic ingredients through mass-production, as well as government and industrial pressures, all paving the way for medicine to maintain a iron grip on our lives and wellbeing. Medical industry, largely financed and supported by governments has led to a society and people unable to care for itself all around the world. Natural high-quality organic ingredients, where the origin is know and processing is transparent, are investments for body, mind and soul, for in the end nothing is more valuable than our health. Finally, remember that organic ingredients are also the sustainable and ethical choice, therefore we say no to mass-production wherever possible.

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