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Cold Pressed Is The Way To Go

High-quality oils are potent, full of flavour, and support our health holistically

Oils are very important and help our body maintain its balance. A bit like a car engine, the human body needs oils to function. Cold-pressed olive oil is an absolute staple for cooking and belongs in every kitchen, not only for their taste, but also for their widely recognised health benefits.

The extremely healthy and delicious hemp oil in turn provides you with all the essential Omega3-6-9 fatty acids in perfect proportion for optimal absorption for humans.

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Be mindfull of the oils you use!

The biggest problem with oils is that finding high quality oils is challenging. Most oils, especially in Central and Northern Europe, are not first-press oils. The lower the quality of the oil, the more unwanted and slag-producing substances they contain. We always aim to ensure that the oils in our carefully selected range are of the highest quality, pure and clean.

From us you get high quality Italian extra Virgin olive oil and first-class Croatian hemp oil, which we dare to call the best hemp oil in the world. Do choose these oils for both your culinary and skincare needs!

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